Raging Thunder II Screenshots

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Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu.
Selecting a game mode.
Selecting a car to play the career mode.
The garage: here you can tune your car.
Loading screens show the circuit you're about to race in.
3, 2, 1... Go!
Blue lightnings refill your turbo, yellow dollar signs are worth $500.
Using the turbo boost.
The results for a race in campaign mode.
Racing with the Ironclaw car. Sometimes bumping into other cars can send either you or your opponent into a spin.
Drafting has the same effect of turbo boosting.
Running into the repair zone fixes the damage that's been dealt to your car.
Racing with a yellow Tango R car. Bumping into obstacles will damage your car. You can see how much damage was dealt to your car by the color of the outlined car figure in the lower left.
Red tire power ups gives more grip to your car.
Racing with a blue Tango R car in time attack mode. Some circuits have shortcuts hidden by obstacles that can be ran over.
Running over oil puddles makes your car lose grip.
The results for a time attack race.
Racing with a yellow Storm FX car in an elimination race.
I've got eliminated in the second lap.
In arcade races, blue plus signs add 2 seconds to your time.
Getting the armor upgrade makes the car less vulnerable to hits. When in effect, the armor upgrade changes the car's appearance to this.