Raiden II Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Demo mode.
Take off from carrier.
Level 1. Helicopters.
My violet 'licking' laser.
Impressive crater.
Boss 1. Mech-Spider.
First one destroyed - a second coming.
Level 1 clear
Level 2. A bigger enemy plane.
A detail. Cows!
An amphibian tank ...burning.
A lot of standard tanks.
Kamikaze jets.
Boss 2. Tasting my laser-lasso.
...and crashing.
Level 3. Ships leaving harbor & receiving my missiles.
Kaboooom! Smartbomb & power-ups.
Open sea. Ships & my vulcan cannon.
Boss 3. and my blue laser.
Level 4. An armada of enemy fighters.
Pursuing Boss 4.
Note the red ruby - part of all bosses.
Level 5. A lot of action.
Boss 5. A kind of Star Destroyer.
I destroyed its base - now it's angry.
Level 6. Take-off from carrier into space.
Leaving the Ionosphere.
An inhabited asteroid!
Boss 6. A tank with a moving arm.
Level 7. In the asteroid field.
A huge ship!
The main red ruby.
Boss 7. Escaping.
Level 8. A lot of cannons.
Boss 8. with 8 red rubies.
...craters after explosion.
Entering Ionosphere.
Hall of Aces.