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Railroad Tycoon II (Gold Edition)

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 4 3.0
Linux 3 3.9
Macintosh 1 5.0
Windows 7 4.2
Combined User Score 15 3.9

Critic Reviews

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WindowsPC Player (Germany)
Der Rollercoaster Tycoon gehörte zu den beliebtesten Spielen des vergangenen Jahres und hat noch nichts von seinem Charme eingebüßt. Wer schon immer einmal eine Achterbahn konstruieren oder als Manager eines Vergnügungsparks wirken wollte, muss diesen Titel einfach haben.
WindowsGameStar (Germany)
Schon gespentisch, welche Anziehungskraft kleine Eisenbahnen auf junge wie alte Menschen haben. Wem der Platz für eine Modelleisenbahn fehlt, der wird mit Railroad Tycoon 2 Gold bestens getröstetet. Hinter dem schnuckeligen Miniatur-Look verbirgt sich eine ausgeklügelte Wirtschaftssimulation. Zum Glück läßt sich der Schwierigkeitsgrad aber so komfortabel einstellen, daß Handelsgenies ebenso ihren Spaß haben wie Spieler, die nur im Sandkasten-Modus kleine Züge auf die Reise schicken wollen.
A pleasant and one of a kind experience for Dreamcast, Railroad Tycoon II is as fun as any you'll find in the genre. Big and complex with Grand Canyon-esque depth and a boatload of possibilities, this is one sleeping giant you may not want to pass up.
WindowsPC Games (Germany)
Das grafisch und inhaltlich nach wir vor gute Spiel leidet ein wenig unter der Monotonie. Die immer gleichen Landschaften und das schlichte Spielprinzip dürfte bei Eisenbahnfans aber auf Verständnis stoßen.
DreamcastElectric Playground
The bottom line is that simulations have always been considered a leisure activity and now it is truly possible to sit back – even lie back – and build an industrial empire from the comfort of your couch. The graphics are as slick and as impressive as the PC original, and other than some minor controller complaints, this title remains well-balanced and is just as easy to play. The biggest concern now is that the couch might be so comfortable and the gameplay so addictive that you’ll never notice the hours tick away as the trains head down the tracks.
Well, put away the superglue, and nail the plywood back over the windows in the garage. PopTop Software's Railroad Tycoon 2 Gold Edition offers trains galore, and the opportunity to manipulate time and money. Who could ask for more?
MacintoshMac Gamer
If you loved Railroad Tycoon II, the gold edition will prolong the experience. Those who don't own Railroad Tycoon II (but want it) will definitely get more for their money with the gold edition. With the many scenarios available, gamers are bound to get hooked on its game play. That's good and bad, but Railroad Tycoon II Gold Edition is a winner nonetheless.
Solid gameplay, numerous options, and attention to detail make Railroad Tycoon II an excellent simulation. While the premise of running a virtual railroad might not be as exciting as the premises of other sim games, Railroad Tycoon II keeps things interesting with a complex game mechanic that hides behind a simple layout.
WindowsEurogamer.net (UK)
On the whole though, "Railroad Tycoon 2 Gold Edition" is a fun gaming experience which will appeal to most strategy fans, not just train fanatics. With the existing maps you have a challenge on your hands, but the extra maps in the expansion pack will ensure the game doesn't gather dust on the shelf just yet.