Rambo: The Video Game Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Main menu
Skills and perks can be unlocked with gathered points throughout the missions
Trautman challenges
The story opens with Rambo's funeral
Opening mission tells a story that precedes the movie trilogy
Switching to alternate weapon, which in this case is Colt 1911
Wrath mode slows down the game and lets you replenish your health by killing enemies
Blowing up the truck
Perfect reload will grant you additional ammo and reload speed
Sometimes enemies will attack you even when you are behind a cover
In wrath mode destructible objects and enemies are highlighted
Fire at the fuel barrels to maximize damage effect
Headshots will save you ammo but are rather difficult to perform
Story missions display the scenes from the actual movies
QTE combat with one of the rotten cops
These country cops need to be taught a lesson, one they will never forget
Escaping the police station
Leveling up after a successful mission
The cops are determined to get you, no matter the cost
Silent rendering out of commission
In the woods Rambo is the law
Selecting weapons for the mission ahead
Colonel Trautman came with an offer that will get you released from the prison
Taking out the guard at the lightpost before he can sound the alarm
Quickly take out the guards with a question mark before they spot you
So much for the sneaking part... it's time to get loud
Time your reloads because the jamming will be your undoing
Fighting the VC at the docs
VC reinforcements are approaching the docks
Don't get exposed to the turret, it's a swift death
The end of Rambo's romance... now he has nothing else to lose but exact vengeance
Throwing grenades
Fighting VC and Russian soldiers on the river
Enemy numbers are large, but dwindle down soon with Rambo in their path
Now, Rambo is hunting them
Silently reducing the number of Russian soldiers on the battlefield
Death from below
Fighting in the swamp
The legendary moment of taking out the VC officer who killed your woman
Hiding in the shallow water
Wrestling on the helicopter
Watch out for incoming missiles
Holding off the Russian attack on the Afghan camp
Colonel Trautman doesn't break easily
Sneaking past the searchlights
Entering the Soviet base lets you select between a stealth or loud approach
Using the enemy tank for transport
Silent kills are as brutal as they can be
Flamethrower infantry carries heavy armour and are difficult to take down
Rambo's reply to offered chance to surrender

Windows version

Title screen and main menu
Trautman's challenges
You can select a secondary weapon before each mission. Unfortunately, this feature is absolutely useless
Rambo's "funeral"
So let's start shootin'!
Reload tips
Headshots are worth extra points
Wrath mode (aka kill to heal)
Perfect reload magically doubles the size of your clip
It's over...
Maximum destruction
Mission accomplished [heavy breathing sound]
The beginning of First Blood movie
Sheriff Teasle
QTE fight in police station
Level up! Select new skills and perks
Hey little soldier! You'd be better off watching the movie!
You can stun or kill cops
Wait for the right moment, then strike carefully. Oh, who am I kidding, just wait for QTE.
The army attacks
Demolishing the police station
I don't remember this from the movie...
Stealth kills with bow and arrows
Gunfight on boats
Hey, there you have an RPG element! lol
Lieutenant Podovsky
Skills and perks screen
Having fun with explosive arrows
QTE fight in the helicopter
Firing from the chopper
Rescued some POWs
Helicopter Vs. helicopter
Killing Russian soldiers in Afghanistan
Sometimes Rambo will just stand in the open taking fire. This may have worked in the movie, but it's just frustrating in the game
Trying to take out the helicopters
QTE stealth section
Choose your approach
Any mission can be replayed
Rambo is a tough cliff climber
Avoid flamethrower fire as much as you can. Also, why would they use a flamethrower inside their own military base?
This is where things get real hard and unfair
That guy just exploded, so does it matter if it was headshot or not?
Causing serious damage