Rampage World Tour

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Game Boy Color

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Great only as a party game Nintendo 64 Matt Neuteboom (941)
A classic game bashing and smashing game! PlayStation Big John WV (25255)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 1 4.0
Game Boy Color 6 1.8
Nintendo 64 8 3.1
PlayStation 9 2.4
SEGA Saturn 6 1.4
Windows 4 2.6
Combined User Score 34 2.4

Critic Reviews

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ArcadeAll Game Guide
Rampage World Tour is best suited for immature older gamers with a sick sense of humour. Those who enjoy a practical strategy game should stay away from this, and stick to Tetris.
PlayStationConsoles Plus
Rampage World Tour est un jeu qui ravira tous ceux qui connaissent la version originale. Les néophytes se doivent de l'essayer.
WindowsGaming Entertainment Monthly
To conclude, a recommendation is in order for this game. While after about sixty levels, the game does seem repetitive, the game is just packed with action and it never stops unless you decide to take a potty break.
PlayStationMega Fun
Bereits das (ziemlich schwierige) Spielhallen-Original habe ich heiß und innig geliebt, und auch bei der World Tour kommt bei mir trotz (oder gerade wegen?) den wenigen Veränderungen ein seeliges Lächeln auf. Bei diesem puren Vandalismus kann man das Gehirn getrost abschalten und so richtig schön die Sau rauslassen. Man sollte allerdings ein Faible für das Makabere haben, denn flüchtende Rollstuhlfahrer als Imbiß zu benutzen, das zeugt schon von einem recht rauhen Humor. Besonders gut fand ich beim Update die neuartige Idee, mittels eines Flaggensymbols das Land wechseln zu können, denn durch diesen nicht linearen Aufbau erhöht sich die Abwechslung deutlich. Auf lange Sicht geht der ewigen Zerstörungswut dennoch spürbar die Luft aus, es sei denn, man kann zwei weitere Mitstreiter um sich scharen, denn dann erhöht sich die Gaudi wie so oft um ein Vielfaches. In meinem persönlichen Videospielparty-Sortiment darf diese Randale jedenfalls nicht fehlen.
PlayStationMega Score
Destruir é o que está a dar em Rampage World Tour. Pular para cima dos prédios, dar pontapés nos pacatos e incautos cidadãos que se passeiam nas ruas, pisar carros e partir aviões é tudo o que há para fazer.
PlayStationPSX Nation
While this game has captured the feel of the first it has failed to improve on it. If anything else this game does offer solid gameplay for those looking to just sit back and destroy anything in site. The 2 player mode also offers some great action if you have a friend to play along with.
Undoubtedly, this game was designed for a mad-cap multi-player party atmosphere, and it works well in presenting a fun night in with three friends and a 12-pack. But with the singleplayer goal slightly uncertain and no save points to prevent you from having to start over if a power-cut interrupts your run of devastation,Rampage falls short. Like the coin-op, it offers only short-term fun!
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Wie man sich schon denken kann, ist Rampage World Tour eine ziemlich lustige Angelegenheit. Zwar ist das Gameplay recht simpel (kaputtmachen!), und die Animationen wiederholen sich nach einiger Zeit, aber trotzdem ist der Spaßfaktor megahoch, gerade zu zweit oder dritt – es lebe die Zerstörung.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games
Trotz des mit über 130 Stages mehr als reichhaltigen Tummelplatzes zum Abreagieren ist RWT mit seiner streckenweise altbacken wirkenden Optik sicher kein Spiel für jedermann. Als einfaches Spielprinzip für zwischendurch ist es Fans aber durchaus zu empfehlen.

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Game Boy ColorGaming Age
To be frank, Rampage World Tour is a faithfully translated Game Boy Color game that will still please the destructive cells in your body as you make that long trip to Grandma's house. You could do better, but you could do a lot worse.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
Hoewel ik Rampage World Tour op het eerste gezicht erg origineel vond, verveelde het toch al snel. Ik denk wel dat er figuren hopeloos verslaafd aan raken maar het gros van de gamers zal het na een uurtje wel voor gezien houden.
Nintendo 64Nintendo Power Magazine
People either love it or hate it, and that seems to have a lot to do with whether they play the game as a multiplayer game or not. Rampage may not have enough depth to stand out as a single-player game. But if two or three friends are stomping together, Rampage is a blast.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Ich war schon immer ein kleiner Fan von Rampage. Durch sein simples, aber kurzweiliges Prinzip ist es für mich das ideale Spiel für zwischendurch und um einmal kräftig Dampf abzulassen. Als objektiver Tester muß ich allerdings auch die Schattenseiten monieren. So geht dem Modul mit seiner hübsch-harmlosen Bitmap-Optik schon recht bald die Luft aus, wenn man im Alleingang nacheinander die Städte in Schutt und Asche legt, da der Spielverlauf mit seinen beschränkten Möglichkeiten einfach auf Dauer zu repetitiv ist. Fröhnt man jedoch mit zwei weiteren Freunden diesem herrlich sinnlosen, bisweilen auch makaberen Vandalismus, kann man dem Modul auch längerfristig einen gewissen Reiz abgewinnen, wenn man auf solch eine Spielgattung steht.
WindowsPC Joker
Das anspruchslose Spielhallenkonzept präsentiert sich in kunterbunter Comicgrafik nebst „gewaltiger“ Geräuschkulisse und empfiehlt sich wegen der insbesondere über ein Joypad sehr simplen Steuerung vor allem für jüngere Gambler. VirtueIle Aggressionstherapie für hyperaktive Kids.
Game Boy ColorTotal! (Germany)
RWT ist ein typisches Spiel für zwischendurch. Leider werdet Ihr durch die fehlende Speichermöglichkeit dazu gezwungen, das Spiel am Stück durchzuspielen, was unweigerlich ein wenig frustrierend ist.
WindowsComputer Gaming World (CGW)
Still, Rampage is suffused with all the monster movie fun that was conspicuously lacking in the recent Godzilla film. If you remember feeding quarters to these monsters way back when, you'll want to try this version at least once.
Game Boy ColorJeuxvideo.com
RAMPAGE WORLD TOUR ne vous fera pas rester scotché sur votre Gameboy, c'est clair. C'est typiquement le genre de jeu qui amuse 5 minutes mais qu'on délaisse rapidement. Attendons les prochaines semaines pour voir si des associations s'émeuvent de la violence du jeu, comme certaines l'avait fait pour Carmageddon 2 ou GTA sur d'autres plates-formes. C'est bien la seule chose qui pourrait doper les ventes du jeu !!
Nintendo 64X64
Soyons juste, Rampage est un bon exutoire. Dommage que sa faible durée de vie ne compense pas l'aspect rudimentaire de la réalisation. Une cartouche destinée aux collectionneurs...
Game Boy ColorNintendo Power Magazine
A lot of the fun of the arcade and N64 Rampage games was the multiplayer aspect. That's missing from the Game Boy Color version. What comes across as fun on the N64 becomes tedious. Rampage is a three-button game and Game Boy has two buttons. Hmm...
If you enjoyed Rampage in any of its previous incarnations, Rampage World Tour is probably worth picking up. It has hundreds of levels, so you'll surely find something new to do with it for quite some time. The only thing that would have helped the game out would have been a three-player mode, something that was originally planned for the PlayStation version, but later eliminated.
Herein lies the problem with Rampage World Tour. Nothing really new has been done to the game. Control isn't particularly better, nor is it any more fun than it was years ago. Levels seem to repeat endlessly, each one just slightly more difficult than the last. Just because there's more stuff shooting at you, doesn't mean it's more fun. Even the two-player mode seems old and tired. Unless you absolutely loved the original game, you may find the new version a bit one dimensional. I know I did. And I loved the original.
Nintendo 64GameSpot
If you enjoyed Rampage in any of its previous incarnations, Rampage World Tour is probably worth picking up, but the game is incredibly repetitive and stupidly simple. Unless you were a freak for the original game, you'll tire of RWT very quickly.
Nintendo 64Electric Playground
Fans of the arcade game will enjoy Rampage World Tour. It's the only home port to have the three player option. I understand why Midway would port an N64 version of a successful arcade game, but I am very disappointed with how it has been handled.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Rampage World Tour works best as a casual time killer. It features a fun concept, and is full of puerile humor and mindless overkill. Still, it runs out of ideas fast, and ends up being as redundant as it is fun. This is pure, pointless arcade action, through-and-through, and while I delighted in it for a short time, I will not be going back to it. For all its roaring, it lacks punch.
Nintendo 64IGN
Let's face it, Rampage is a fun, rapid bashing fest filled with repetitive moves, silly and enjoyable gameplay, and a simple formula that's tried and true, even in today's graphically snobbish world. It's a gem in a one-dimensional way, and it makes no claims to be anything else. As with many N64 games, younger gamers will like this one a lot, and 'more mature' gamers might give this a rent or three to bring back those old days when they played as pimply, lonesome geeks who had nothing better to do on Friday nights except hang out in the arcades with their pals. Ah, the good old days.
Game Boy ColorMega Fun
Um welche Stadt es sich gerade handelt, bleibt jedoch der Fantasie überlassen. da es keinerlei Hintergrundlayout gibt sprich die Levels sehen allesamt nahezu gleich aus. Das wäre ja noch zu verschmerzen gewesen, nicht aber die fehlende Zweispieler-Option. die bei diesem Spielprinzip gerade den Hauptreiz ausmacht. Alleine auf die Sprite-Gebäude einzukloppen ist nämlich auf Dauer alles andere als spaßig.
Game Boy ColorOfficiel Nintendo Magazine
Pas assez intéressant pour y jouer, pas assez peaufiné pour avoir un intérêt visuel, trop cher pour caler son buffet... Lâchez l'affaire.
WindowsComputer Games Magazine
But the fact remains that even if you do get the game to work properly, it's minor entertainment at best. Not that there's anything wrong with that, but the gameplay gets old pretty fast, and the generally buggy state of the game as it was released makes it, at best, a dubious purchase.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games
But when everything is said and done this game just doesn't work as well as it should. For an upgrade to a decade old game, Rampage World Tour does not live up to expectations.
PlayStationAll Game Guide
You know, Midway could have done a lot better. Why not make a 3D polygonal Rampage with various camera views and cool 3D textures? Why not add a bunch of new monsters to the mix, like big mechs and aliens? Why not add a point to the game, or at least a little quest mode in which you had to actually complete missions, like destroying certain buildings in order to find a needed power-up? Why not fight in realistic places, like Washington DC, New York or Los Angeles and destroy national monuments and landmarks? All of this could possibly have led up to an industry standard and acceptable game. One thing's for sure, it would have been a lot more fun. Midway just rehashed and milked Rampage for all it's worth. And that's not much nowadays.
SEGA SaturnGameSpot
For the first three or four minutes, it really is fun to be the bad guy and all. And you've gotta hand it to Midway, Rampage World Tour is the perfect game for all the folks out there sitting at home and thinking, "I wish they'd take a tired, repetitive arcade title with no replay value and port it to the Saturn." The rest of us will want to steer clear.
WindowsGamePro (US)
Rampage's sounds and graphics are solid, though the game looks and plays better in a less-than-full-screen format. Keyboard play?'s a bit awkward, but with a gamepad, it's humongously fun. Time to go break stuff.