Rampage World Tour Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title screen
Inserting credits
Day 1 start
Smiling towards the camera
Hazards are plenty
Scumlabs evil owner
Bonus stage
They put monsters on the Moon
Legal screen
3-player action
High scores

Game Boy Color version

Title screen / Main menu
Bonus level
Score board
You enjoy the skyline.
You destroyed the car.
The people shoot you .
This building is already destroyed.
Day 3
The state sends robo police to kill you.
You burn.
You can jump from building to building.
You leave the building at the last moment.
You can find health or money in the building holes.

Nintendo 64 version

Opening Screen
Each monster has their own high score table
Title screen
The Attract mode screens from the arcade version are still intact
An advertisement for Scum Labs
This screen shows the cast of characters
Main Menu - specifically for the console versions of the game
A brief introduction explains the monsters' origins
Before you start, you'll see a closeup of your monster, which will rush to the city
George eats some people
Watch out, if you leave George like this for a few seconds, he'll topple off!
You can grab whole handfuls of people at once!
Whoops - too many hits! George is back to normal
Watch out for these machines - they'll fry you!
Your next destination will change depending on when you hit the billboard
Lizzie pummels a rooftop
Lizzie can also perform a karate kick
Grabbed a flag - next stage will be an international one!
Nothing left of this city but rubble!
At the end of each level, your points are tallied and you may receive a bonus like this
World Tour bonus stage - ride on a plane and snatch the bonuses!
Ralph doesn't like junk food
So long, citizens!
Repeatedly punch the roof of the building to demolish it quickly
The security bonus prevents damage for a while - Ralph's is a bone
That mine is a 'Tourist Trap' - punch it, and you'll find heaps of people to munch!
I've never seen a city name with so many vowels
Watch out for fires in leftover rubble!
Eat Scum Labs' Toxic Waste, and you'll transform into the flying V.E.R.N. for the rest of the level
Destroy one of Scum Labs locations, and you'll see how many you've totalled here

SEGA Saturn version

Main menu
Pick the monster of your trust.
Objectives on the loading screen
Level statistics
Second level
Clinging to a building, about to tear it down