Rance 4.1: O-Kusuri Kōjō o Sukue! Screenshots

User Screenshots

PC-98 version

Alice is drawing the logo :)
Rance 4.1 title screen changes colors and backgrounds all the time. This is one version...
...here is another one...
...and yet another one, which I'm sure you'll appreciate :)
Talking to the big boss
Sill, your sex slave. I wish I were joking
Office building. Menu navigation
This woman will configure your game options :)
Reception area
Lots of funny cut-scenes in this one
Chatting with Athena-2
Factory entrance
Rance goes carzy :)
Athena-2is doing what she does best :)
Having sex with Athena-2. Lots of options!
Dungeon entrance
A random enemy appears...
...and attacks! The battles have lots of different animations
Above is the dungeon map. You've triggered an event by entering a room
The sexy demonic Feliss vs. a monster named Marty Suzuki. Probably a developer :)
Marty Suzuki attacks! :)
Athena-2 vs. a magician
A snail casts flame on us!