Rance IV: Kyōdan no Isan Screenshots

User Screenshots

FM Towns version

Title screen
Stupid-looking master of magic
This guy looks like D'Artagnan on crack
Alice greets you
A meeting in the dungeon
Rance likes nature...
...in many ways
Town navigation menu
Camp menu
Status screen
This woman challenges me...
...and attacks in battle!
Talking to weird guys at the guild house
Two new heroines appear
Tower entrance
Tower navigation
Battle against a few bandits
Developers' corner
Art samples

PC-98 version

Alice Soft logo
Title screen
Hey, that's not nice. Keep your hands to yourself, you filthy animal!
The story, the story...
Magic Master and his idiotically-looking friends :)
Demonic battle
As always, Alice will provide plenty of information
Introducing the developers :)
Important conversation...
Rance is outside, enjoying the nature...
...in more ways than one :)
You see, I'm not a selfish, heartless brute. I think about the girl's pleasure, too!
Your sex slave, Sill. Really
Town. Typical action menu
Status screen
Very interesting config screen :)
All the characters here are pretty girls? Think again...
Battle! Rance vs. the evil ugly cook! Go, hero!
Yes, girl, when Rance is around, prayer is your only chance...
Tower entrance
This activity is always available. She is a sex slave, after all
Cut scene
Rance enters the West tower
Dungeon navigation on a mini-map
Random battle against a little guy
Ambushed by three mean-looking enemies!
Game Over...

Windows 3.x version

Title screen
The beginning
As always, Alice will provide a tutorial
Intro: Master of Magic
Your (sex) slave, Sill
Saving the world? Mmmm... mmm... maybe later?..
In a town. Menu-based navigation
Enemy attacks feature nice little pictures
Rance talks about the life of RPG heroes
Visiting a shop