Official Cheat Codes Part 2 (Debug Mode)Contributed by Xantheous (1300) on Aug 08, 2001.

Debug Mode

Set the environment variable "S_HOST" to the value "CASTLE" at the DOS prompt by typing "SET S_HOST=CASTLE" (it must be in caps). Then, when you play Raptor, you become completely invincible, and have all the weapons at your disposal. In addition, you can skip levels by starting them, hitting [esc], followed by [n]; you'll be returned to the hangar, and when you exit again, you'll be on the next level.

Warp - There is a level warp built into the game, so you can see any level you want at any time. What you need to do is to get to the screen where you see the level selection (Bravo Sector, etc...). The warp combination is a 2 key entry. The keys are not to be pressed at the same time. Note that you cannot use the level warp unless debug mode (see above) is active.

Key 1 - Z, X, or Y (Z is Episode 1, X is Episode 2, and Y is Episode 3) Key 2 - Any key between Q and O on the keyboard. (Q is Level 1, and O is Level 9.)

This works in both the shareware and registered versions. Note that if you try and warp to a registered episode from the shareware version, it will crash the game.

Source: Apogee's Official Website -

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