Rasputin Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Start of your quest.
Left or right?
Be careful of the blocks above the door.
Nasties have appeared.
Will those statues attack?

ZX Spectrum version

128k version : These credits display as the game loads
128k version : Load screen
128k version : More credits
128k version : control selection
128k version : "I am Rasputin, beware! heh, heh, heh" This is the screen the player is returned to when they die. I died a lot
128k version : Level 1. The object, I think, is to go through t he fiery door on the left.
128k version : That first step is a problem because there isn't anything to walk onto. So it's a long, long drop
128k version : Fortunately, on this level at least, the fluffy clouds save you and take you back to the start
128k version : I've used up all my shield power, the candle in the lower right. I thought I was clear of the cannon balls but I was wrong