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Rastan Saga II

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Arcade Awaiting 1 votes...
Genesis 6 2.8
TurboGrafx-16 4 3.5
Wii 1 4.0
Combined MobyScore 11 3.2

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TurboGrafx-16The Games Machine (UK)
Sprites are big and well designed but on the blocky side and poorly animated, Gingin poking his sword unenthusiastically at monsters. Backgrounds are badly drawn and coloured. The original Rastan Saga was jolly jump, swing and slash action when it appeared, but that was long ago. Rastan Saga II has virtually identical gameplay and mediocre aesthetics so certainly won't set the world on fire now.
Rastan is a standard hack-'em-up with plenty of tough levels and meaty monsters to master. However, you're left with the feeling that you've seen it all before. That doesn't stop it from being enjoyable. After all, as the old saying goes, "Where there's slash there's cash."
To those still on the fence about a potential purchase, it all boils down to what you're expectations are for a Rastan sequel. If you're a Rastan fan, or even if you're just looking for another decent hack-'n-slash for your Genesis, then Rastan Saga II is worth checking out. It shouldn't cost you more than a some change for a full copy, and it's fun enough to spend an afternoon or two with. Those seeking something deeper should search elsewhere, but they'd be missing out on some simple fun.
TurboGrafx-16Power Play
Wer den schwertschwingenden Recken "Rastan" noch von seinem ersten Abenteuer aus der Spielhalle kennt, der wird vom zweiten Teil auf der PC-Engine ziemlich enttäuscht sein. Was sich Taito dabei gedacht hat, ist mir nicht ganz klar. Die Grafik ist ziemlich laienhaft, der Sound nicht der Rede wert und spielerisch hapert's gewaltig.
GenesisPower Play
Oje, jetzt hat Taito auch die Mega-Drive-Version dieses Jump'n'Run-Spiels verhunzt. Die Sprites sehen auf den ersten Blick zwar ganz gut aus, an Animationsphasen wurde jedoch kräftig gespart.