Rat Attack! Screenshots

User Screenshots

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Character Select
Level 1

PlayStation version

The game's menu

Demo version
Having started the game the player must select the cat they are going to play as.
After selecting their cat the player must select a level. In this demo version there is only this House level
This is the mission briefing which basically amounts to saying 'You must kill five rats to progress to the next level' Demo version
In this screen there's a rat in the lower centre of the screen. The bright circle is the trap that's laid by pressing cross and walking around. Demo version
The Game Over screen from the demo version.
Scratch Cats logo.
Title screen.
Select character: Muffy Dupont.
Scratch door, sure.
Get ready!
Theme: House. First stage: Leisure Lounge.
Yeah, thanks for the info.
Sparky loves jumping.
Stage clear, that's all.
Bedroom Bonanza.
Third stage is called... Play Away.
Kitchen Kapers.
Boss introduction...
Yippy Yappy is an idiot.
Scratch door, hurray. Btw, I'm using Manx.
Next theme: The Garden.
Level: Rack Porch. Hurry up!!
Level clear.
Garden - Sundial Showdown.
Garden - Fountain of Fun.
Garden - Compost Corner.
Stop chasing me, bitch.
Against... Beefy Bennett. "Stand on the bin and jump off before Beefy hits it." -- OK.
Treasure chests, nice.
Theme: Funhouse. Level: Bumper Cats.
Pinball Machine!
Yeah, I will need these large fans.
Poker Face.
Against Rat Clown. "Run over the middle switch to turn on an outer switch, then run to the outer switch to fire a dart at the clown."
Theme: Haunted House. Level: Ghostly Gatehouse.
Creepy Chapel.
Haunted Hall.
The Pit.
Room is trashed... worthless rats.
Ghostly Graveyard.
Trap them all.
Against Ghostly Ghoulies. "Press the switches to fire cannonballs at the ghost."
Theme: Museum. Level: Fossil Frolics. The rat population has started to mutate and change color... that's boring.
Catlantis. Hard stuff.

Windows version

Main menu
Character selection
World selection