Ratatouille Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Title screen.

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
First mission is a kind of tutorial where you learn all the movements
Mission briefing for each section of the mission
Jumping to get the heart apples
The cheese refill one of your lives
One of the mini-games you can access from the extra content
You nee to win the race again other rats
Remy sprinting mode
Somewhere in France
Climbing on the fishing net
You can carry some objects and use them in different ways
Inside the house
At the end of each mission you get Gusteau points, on the menu you can trade them for extra content
Using the smell mode to find the food or the exit, in some levels
Sailing on the channel
Those are the action that Remy can do
Following the other rats in the river mission
If you fall to the water you die and need to start again
Reaching the sewers
Exploring and looking for an exit
Prepare the soup mini-game
Pipes mission, get all the starts and cheese to refill your lives
Oh Paris ! here we are!
Extra screen bought with Gusteau points
Here you can buy extra content using the Gusteau points