Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters Screenshots

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PlayStation 2 version

Title Screen
Captain Qwark is back and dumb as ever, but once again he plays a key role in the development of the storyline
Planet Ryllus
Battling evil ...cats...and stuff...on Planet Ryllus
Chasing after a boulder with minions in tow
Save screen tracks date, location, bolts, and amount of time played.
Hopping in the ship to blast off from Ryllus
Planet Kalidon
Kalidon introduces the skyboard racing
Skyboard racing is required to obtain key items
Higher tier skyboard races are optional, but provide a great source for bolts and special items.
Blasting enemies on Kalidon
Riding the rails to unlock a door
Each full set of armor provides special additional bonuses when completed
The first major boss, Mungo
Flying through space as Giant Clank in a shoot em' up style of gameplay
Dodging obstacles while flying through space
The dream-like view of Pokitaru is heavily distorted
Upgrading the lacerator to the dual lacerators
Armor selection screen. You can mix and match pieces, but full sets yield the best results.
Automapping system
Weapon quick selection system
Planet Challax
Robotic enemies of Medical Outpost Omega
Platforming on Challax
Run up the petals before they all burn!
A mini game not unlike Lemmings, where you have to get a set number of robots to the finish point.
North by Northwest
Dayni Moon
Going for a new armor piece
Blasting off from Dayni Moon
Who wouldn't want a mini Captain Qwark on their coffee table?
Pokitaru, the opening world
Map of Pokitaru
Variety of weapon options. Any one of them can be assigned a position on the quick selection wheel.
When you think you've maxed out your weapons, you find out that there's a whole new level of awesomeness to reach.

PSP version

Title screen
Main menu
Shot from the intro movie – Clank is making sand statue of… Clank!
Smashing crabs with a screw.
Tighten the screws!
Quick weapon selection screen
Shooting robots from the 1st-person view.
Clank’s helicopter
Pause menu
Map of the planet
Missions screen
Weapons list
Armor sets list
Clank and his mini army of robots
Clank’s Lemmings-style mini challenge in the arena
Robot arena battle fight – Clank vs. Smasher Bot!
Clank's Gadgebot Toss challenge
Giant Clank’s space battle
Inside security locks on doors
Ratchet’s hovercraft race
Two guns better are better than one!