Rayman 2: The Great Escape Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Title Screen
The Fairy Glade
The World Map
Climbing a Rope Net
Going for a Swim
Going for a Ride
A Pirate!

iPhone version

Title screen
Main menu
A miserable night
Rayman is given a silver Lum by his friend Globox
With his magic fists, Rayman can easily escape from prison
Rayman has landed in a forest
Murfy the fly acts as your guide
These cages contain Lums and other things
Using Rayman's famous helicopter hair to glide
Globox's kids are worried about their dad
Rayman can climb between platforms by jumping up repeatedly
Which one's the real king?
The world map
Grabbing onto some overhead vines
By hitting this large switch, you can open a door

Nintendo 64 version

Title Screen
Razorbeard's flying pirate prison ship
Globox give Rayman back the ability to shoot with his fists
Sliding through the exit of the pirate ship
Murfy will pop up through the game to provide game hints
Break open these cages to free Teensies and Lums
Holding L will reveal information about the game
Rayman can hang onto ledges to save himself from falling
Rayman explores the Fairy Glade
Globox's kids are upset that Globox has been lost
The Teensies fight over who is actually the king
This is the world map, more paths open as the game progresses
Swimming is simple for Rayman - hold Z to dive, or A to surface
Rayman can float with his helicopter hair
Rayman can also climb on certain overhangs
This water is unsafe to swim in!
Rayman must time his jumps from pump to pump here
Rayman can climb along the roots here
A pirate is taking potshots at Rayman with his cannon
Rayman can lock on to pirates by holding the Z Button
Some pirates are asleep when Rayman encounters them
Punch a switch to activate it and open doors
These blue lasers can only mean trouble for Rayman
Rayman must toss the keg in the air so that he can shoot incoming projectiles
These purple lums can be used as swings
Rayman can press between gaps - doing this repeatedly allows him to climb them
A long drop, with gooey oil belching into the water
Rayman can continuously fly with his hair in these air currents
A dangerous-looking swamp awaits Rayman
Rayman hangs onto the snake and skiis across the swamp

Nintendo DS version

Title screen.

PlayStation 2 version

The game's title screen
The game's main menu. The Options Menu which can be selected here allows the sound to be adjusted and the language of the voices and the text to be changed
Starting a new game. After entering their name the player is shown an animation which sets the scene. This animation can be skipped
The game's load screen. The character walking at the bottom of the screen will change
In a second animation which cannot be skipped Rayman is reunited with Globox who has smuggled a silver lum aboard the pirate's prison ship
Now his powers are restored Rayman can fight back.
The game save screen

Windows version

Main menu
Skeleton on a throne
Level select
Water skiing behind Sssssam
I have to find out a name
The admiral
ly the fairy
Flattened by a robot
Rayman 2 introduces Teensies
The first of four Masks of Polokus
Me riding a rocket
Clark needs some help
Just saved Globox
Carmen the Whale imprisoned
Stone guardian
Flying barrel
On a chair
Lum run
New power
Spooky cave
It's raining
Uglette the wife of Globox, her children have been imprisoned in the mines. I have to save them.
Razorbeard in his giant power suite shooting explosives at me. Try shooting them back at him.
I hit him with his own explosives and now he’s mad
Round two, aim at his hands after picking up ammo