Rayman Legends

Rayman Legends Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Game "lobby". Jump into the paintings to get to different game worlds (to the right); or enter hero select room, mini-game and more (to the left)
Intro - the heroes slept for a long time
The adventure begins
Once rescued King and Queen Teensie reward the characters with hearts
Murfy the greenbottle appears in some levels to assist with moving platforms and other tasks
Finished a stage
At the end of each stage you get rewards depending on how many Lums you've collected
Dungeon is full of traps
Make Murphy tickle the big guy, then hit him
This level is collapsing, so you need to move fast
The evil Magician
In some levels you gain a shooting power-up
Quick access menu
World one boss
One of hilarious rhythm-based levels
Going with the air flow
Murphy can poke that thing in the eye so we can pass safely
Kung-Foot - a humorous take on soccer game
We're sitting ducks here!
Murphy can eat this cake making a passage
Sometimes you change in size and reveal hidden stuff
Weird level with spiky cake
Underwater is beautiful
Be careful, or drones will detect you and shoot you down
Spy-themed level
Scratching a Lucky Ticket
The toad from the foreground is about to jump straight into the action
Somewhere at Mount Olympus
Turn the puzzle to get the Teensie
Hiding from a spiteful deity's finger
Flying through a maze
The only way to stop these creatures is to hit that purple pepper-like thing
Upside down challenge room
Gotta run fast
Chased by a dragon
Barely made it, but Teensie is left out there
One of remastered levels from Rayman Origins
Gotta run down cautiously
There are fours selectable characters with a variety of skins
Starting an 'invaded' level, need to beat timer to rescue all three Tensies
Trying to beat the timer and escape certain death
Granny World Tour rhythm-based stage
When you think you're a pro, try 8-bit renditions of rhythm stages. Here's 8-bit visual filter
Another filter mimicking old TV set
Pursuing the Magician through an underwater pipeline
The secret boss from Rayman Origins makes a cameo appearance
The room full of unlockable creatures