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Rayman Origins

Rayman Origins Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Intro scene - nice tree...
Our "heroes" in action...
The game starts in a cage
Loading screens are actually "playable"
The world map
Beginning of the first level
The 2D graphics are truly wonderful
The fairy seems in trouble
This rock has an attitude problem
Hey, it's Betilla the Fairy from the original Rayman game!
The game switches between different planes, a bit like Lomax or Oddworld
Do not step on the red-eyed spiky bushes...
Rayman will need to jump carefully to get this coin
A cage protected by bad guys
The bad guys are taken care of, now it's time to free the Electoons
This Electoon medallion brings back memories...
At the end of a level, you can unlock more Electoons depending on how many Lums you collected.
Grab a king lum to turn all lums red and increase the lum score you get for grabbing them for a short time
Those blue things capture you in mid-air
Select one of four characters with a variety of color schemes
The combined map of all the worlds
Up on a mosquito in a shoot-'em-up stage (one in every world)
The desert
In the desert world the drums serve as jumping pads
Don't forget to collect those lums while you're shooting it up
Carefully balancing in the air currents
Desert world boss
In the land of ice cocktails...
Bubble Dreamer has several fun things to say
Smashing the ice blocks
From the ice land you descend right into the hell pit
In shmup stages you can suck in the monsters and spit them out later to cause some damage
Chasing the treasure chest. Each world has one of these fast-paced chase stages.
I'm followed by some fire demons! No time to waste
In the evil creature's belly
The port town is burning
The flying ship in the background shoots explosive bombs into the foreground
One of many beautiful and clever underwater stages
Spikes and spikey fishes
Followed closely by two... things
In the mountains with two fireball-throwing golems
Nearing the air fortress
This area is filled with machines and robots
You have to be very fast in this level - everything is literally falling apart
And the final shmup stage
Brutally difficult Land of the Dead stage
Died yet again!
The secret final boss is charming ;)