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Everything about this game is good, it's only too hard. DOS Rensch (203)
Rayman, a good game Windows scott beane (2)
Pocket gaming at its best! Game Boy Advance ThE oNe (178)
Rayman, Rayman, Rayman, & RAYMAN!!! Windows Jim Fun (222)
interesting but very difficult platform game DOS Xa4 (274)
One of the best 2-D platformers I've ever played. SEGA Saturn Weston Sharpensteen (32)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 28 3.9
Game Boy Advance 15 3.7
Jaguar 13 4.6
Nintendo DSi 4 3.9
PlayStation 26 3.9
PlayStation 3 3 4.0
PSP 3 4.0
PS Vita 1 4.0
SEGA Saturn 10 4.4
Windows 27 3.9
Windows Mobile Awaiting 1 votes...
Combined MobyScore 130 4.0

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Rayman delivers no new ideas to the platform game genre; instead, what it offers is the flawless execution of existing elements - precise controls, clever levels, friendly gameplay, gorgeous graphics, and crisp sounds - all wrapped around a design which actually taxes the mind along with the thumbs. Players who prefer the frantic action of Sonic or Mario might be turned off by Rayman's leisurely pace, but those who are looking for a change from the hop-and-bop clones should definitely give this title a try.
PlayStationRetrogaming History
Un capolavoro! difficile, entusiasmante, graficamente eccelso ed acusticamente oltre ogni aspettativa. Questo Rayman emana tutto l'amore che gli sviluppatori hanno donato alla loro creatura. Anche se è "solamente" un gioco bidimensionale è in grado di offrire un'esperienza ed un coinvolgimento che solo pochi giochi moderni sono in grado di offrire. Se vi piacciono molto i platform, credo proprio che adorerete questo titolo
SEGA SaturnEntertainment Weekly
This gentle adventure is so lovingly drawn (the animation recalls Disney in its prime), so perfectly scored (the best game soundtrack I've ever heard), and, most important, so responsive to player control that it makes most other games seem primitive in comparison. (About the only thing pedestrian about it is the plot, in which the cheerful, gangly Rayman sets out to save his fellow ''electoons'' from the forces of evil.) If you own a next-generation system, this game is a must-have; if you don't, it might be worth picking up a Saturn or PlayStation just to savor Rayman.
Game Boy AdvanceUOL Jogos
Rayman Advance é um jogo de plataforma extenso, profundo, divertido e com valores de produção de primeira categoria... além de ser O título mais bonito do lançamento ocidental do portátil. Se você quer exibir o seu recém-adquirido GBA, Rayman é o jogo certo para isso.
PlayStationPlayer One
Rayman est, sans conteste, le meilleur jeu de plate-forme disponible sur Saturn et PlayStation en ce moment. Un jeu d'exception à l'intérêt immense.
SEGA SaturnPlayer One
Rayman est, sans conteste, le meilleur jeu de plate-forme disponible sur Saturn et PlayStation en ce moment. Un jeu d'exception à l'intérêt immense.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy
Rayman Advanced is the best platformer currently available for the GameBoy Advance; Ubisoft beat Mario at his own game... for now.
JaguarConsoles Plus
Un splendide jeu de plates-formes pour la Jaguar. Dommage qu'il soit moins complet que sur 32 bits.
PlayStationChrist Centered Game Reviews
This is a great game for a (now) great price! It raises extremely minimal issues from a Christian standpoint, so that’s why I concentrated seemingly very little on the first part of this site’s name—again, a Christian’s view. Rayman’s superb gameplay raises a few questions on why the new games are getting all the attention, and its sound quality represents the PS1’s true capabilities. Don’t get it in your head that I just am biased against everything new or I don’t think that new releases aren’t better as a whole than old ‘trial runs,’ as some games could very rightfully be called. However, I both have approved this game from the viewpoint of a Christian and of a gamer who wants something fun and difficult to add to my collection. Finally, even if you generally don’t like platforming games, buy this for less than a tenth of the cost of the newer releases and let yourself be surprised.
WindowsGame Zero
This is a great title that will entertain anyone from children to adults. If you buy it for your children, make sure to leave yourself a little time to play!! The Ferrari Man Highly recommends this title.
Game Boy AdvanceGamezilla
Rayman Advance is an E-rated game and I decided to run it by my eight-year-old son and his swim team buddies. They climbed all over each other to get the game and try it. Once they played it, they were even more enthusiastic to play again. It was a great way for the boys to pass the time between events. Oftentimes, there was one boy playing and two to three looking over his shoulder to watch the action (and to give advice -- they were practically playing by committee). This is high praise for a game these days. It takes a lot to please six boys at age eight. Rayman was able to pull this crowd away from other such titles as Zelda and Pokemon (and THAT is an accomplishment). I really enjoyed this game a lot myself and being a somewhat overgrown child, I guess that fits. I would recommend this game for all ages. It has a lot of replay appeal. A great game! Score: 92. Well done, Ubi Soft.
WindowsPrivat Computer PC
Ryaaman kan kun gemme spillet, når han er ude på oversigtskortet, men bare det at muligheden er der, er virkelig brilliant. Rayman er en platformsperle!
WindowsThe DOS Spirit
Rayman ville ha vært en av det beste i plattformsjangeren på PC hadde det ikke vært for at det ofte er så frustrerende. Å komme seg til siste brett er en bragd, og selv halvveis er et mirakel. Det er synd ettersom det er lagt så mye godt arbeid i detaljer, bakgrunner og ikke minst det varierende og paradisfylte lydsporet. For hardcore plattformfans passer det likevel billetten perfekt, du finner ikke mer solid plattformaction enn dette, med solide kontroller, morsomme miljøer og et lydspor som toucher mot perfeksjon. Med et litt nølende omdømme tildeler vi spillet vår «Golden DOS Spirit», hovedsakelig fordi ser man bort fra at vanskelighetsgraden er i taket er resten av spillet veldig bra.
DOSThe DOS Spirit
Rayman ville ha vært en av det beste i plattformsjangeren på PC hadde det ikke vært for at det ofte er så frustrerende. Å komme seg til siste brett er en bragd, og selv halvveis er et mirakel. Det er synd ettersom det er lagt så mye godt arbeid i detaljer, bakgrunner og ikke minst det varierende og paradisfylte lydsporet. For hardcore plattformfans passer det likevel billetten perfekt, du finner ikke mer solid plattformaction enn dette, med solide kontroller, morsomme miljøer og et lydspor som toucher mot perfeksjon. Med et litt nølende omdømme tildeler vi spillet vår «Golden DOS Spirit», hovedsakelig fordi ser man bort fra at vanskelighetsgraden er i taket er resten av spillet veldig bra.
JaguarThe Video Game Critic
The lush stages are works of art, bursting with color and teeming with life. Likewise, the music is upbeat and fun. Like Super Mario Brothers, there's a map screen that allows you to choose your stage and revisit old ones, and you can save your place between stages. Fun and highly replayable, Rayman is easily one of the best Jaguar titles.
Game Boy AdvancePower Unlimited
Al vanaf de eerste beelden was ik verslingerd aan dit spel en dat is best opmerkelijk want de vele Rayman-poorts hebben me een lichte allergie voor het malle wezentje zonder amrne en benen bezorgd. De graphics van deze game staan echter mijlenver af van hetgeen ik van de GBC gewend ben.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
What's this? A super high-quality 2-D platformer on the PS? It's about time! Rayman has such amazing graphics and art that it slides into that lofty category currently occupied by only one other; Astal. What Rayman has in addition, however, is deep gameplay and abundant (if not overwhelming) challenge. They simply don't come any better than this. On top of that the soundtrack is absolutely amazing! It's long, it's fun, it looks fantastic and it never gets old.
WindowsComing Soon Magazine
Rayman is an excellent game for people of all ages. With absorbing game play and some of the best scrolling and sprite animation to be seen on the PC it is a worthy purchase. The game is also available on the Sony PlayStation and features the the same quality of animation and game play.
DOSComing Soon Magazine
Rayman, Ubi Soft's hyper cutesy character walks, runs, bounces, surfs and generally flounces his way onto your PC in a new platform adventure that has Sonic shuffling his feet.
Game Boy Advance4Players.de
Das kleine Schlappohr mit den starken Fäusten konnte bisher auf allen Plattformen (PC, PSone, PS2, DC) für witzigen Jump&Run-Spaß sorgen und überzeugt auch auf dem Game Boy Advance. Die Grafik setzt neue Maßstäbe im 32-Bit-Bereich und zeigt, was die Mini-Konsole drauf hat. Die Umsetzung von der PlayStation auf das Mini-Format ist einfach hervorragend gelungen und dürfte im Jump&Run-Bereich zum Pflichtkauf werden.
Rayman muß man einfach haben. Gehört es doch zu den seltenen Jaguar Spielen wo einfach alles stimmt. Ein gutes abwechslungsreiches Gameplay kombiniert mit erstklassiger Grafik befördern das Spiel in die Elite der traditionellen 2D jump n runs. Der Eigenwillige Grafikstil hat zudem einen ganz besonderen Charme dem man sich nur schwer entziehen kann. Nur kleinere Frust Momente trüben den sehr guten Eindruck etwas.
WindowsElectric Playground
I would recommend a read of our early PSX review of Rayman, as my opinion of the PC version doesn't deviate one iota from Vic's. Beyond the PSX's crisp bitmapped backgrounds and the mysterious difficulty curve this is the identical game, a prime example of how to release the same title for numerous systems with very little degradation (I'm really only speaking of the Jag version). I love this little guy. How can you not?
JaguarElectric Playground
You can't ignore this little dude. His game is so gosh darn infectious, you'll just fall for it. I absolutely loved Rayman on PSX and the Jaguar version is equally impressive. The visuals are first rate, the game play rich and varied and the music and sound effects (without the streaming of CD-ROM), are still extremely solid. Ubi Soft has crafted a superb diversion in Rayman and Jag owners everywhere owe it to themselves to give the game a workout.
JaguarAll Game Guide
Though Rayman is still a 2D platformer (and a difficult one at that), it's still an enjoyable romp through a magical cartoon world, and offers a significant challenge through a number of well thought-out gameplay events. If you can find this one on the cheap, pick it up.
JaguarDefunct Games
Rayman is a great game, simple as that. It might not be greatly innovative, but it is a fine example of a time-honored formula taken to near perfection. Even now, in the 21st century, the addictive gameplay, vibrant graphics and rich level design make this a fun title to play. This is by far the best platformer on the Jaguar so unless you already have it on another system, get it now!
DOSJoystick (French)
L'un des meilleurs jeux de plates-formes jamais sortis sur PC, un peu trop difficile cependant à mon goût.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Rayman is the real deal; playing it will help you understand what all the Playstation fuss is about.
JaguarGameFan Magazine
Ray - the savior of the Jag! While it's clearly inferior compared to the music masterpiece that is the PS version, this is definitely the best Jag game yet. I adore the characters, I got tripped out by the theme, I can't get enough of the graphics and the technique few on me the farther I progressed. My only complaints are that the game moves a tad slow-paced sometimes and the play mechanics aren't as well-crafted as say a Super Mario World...but I really am picking nits. Rayman is the man!
PlayStationComing Soon Magazine
Rayman is the epitome of a good guy, after defeating one of the end of level bosses, he weeps, and good ol' Rayman consoles and befriends him. Still in a world of massacres the like of Dunblain and Tasmania, it is nice to think that parents can purchase something thoroughly wholesome.
SEGA SaturnDefunct Games
I first played Rayman when I received it for Christmas and was surprised by how much fun it was. It is a well-known fact that parents who buy games for their kids on a whim generally end up with disappointed kids, but this was most certainly not the case. Rayman features well-animated characters, excellent controls, sharp, colorful graphics, and a perfectly-suited soundtrack. I ask you, what's not to like?
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine
Rayman Advance is setting the precedent for handheld animations. If you’re at all curious as to the amount of power one little system can muster, I suggest you take in 30 seconds of Rayman Advance. Impressive. Most impressive.
DOSPC Gameplay (Benelux)
De grafische stijl van Rayman doet sterk aan Disney denken, alles is zo braaf en lieflijk mogelijk weergegeven: een lust voor het oog. Dit maakt dan ook dat het spel sterk zal aanslaan bij de zeer jonge spelers. Dit is echter zeker geen reden voor de oudere spelers om het spel links te laten liggen.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
Auch wenn der PC bei Konsolenspielen mit aufwendigen 3D-Routinen (z.B. Sega Rally) noch nicht ganz mithalten kann, ist er bei Jump & Runs ganz vorne mit dabei: Rayman gleicht in Steuerung und Aufmachung der Saturn-Version. Die witzige Grafik und die leichte Steuerung machen das Spiel zu einem tollen Weihnachtsgeschenk für große und kleine Spieler - Pentium allerdings vorausgesetzt.
PlayStationElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
What is that little dude and where did he come from? Whatever it is, there is no mistaking the cute look for the simply breathtaking graphics! If you think you've seen the mascot concept done to death, you've never played Rayman. There are tons of techniques and loads of gameplay that complement the cool sounds and awesome eye candy. At first, you may think it is all look and no play - wrong! This is one, of the freshest side-scrollers in a while. Try it, you might like it.
Game Boy AdvancePlaymag
Coup d'éclat pour le lancement de la Game Boy Advance, le soft le plus impressionnant ne nous vient pas de Nintendo ! Là ou personne ne l'attendait vraiment, c'est Ubi Soft qui impose le personnage fétiche de Michel Ancel comme vitrine technologique, en adaptant le premier volet des aventures de Rayman.
SEGA SaturnGame Revolution
Rayman is a perfect example of a game that is better on the Saturn than on any other system. The Saturn is able to produce a better two dimensional game than the PlayStation. More game companies should take advantage of that, instead of producing mediocre games.
PlayStationGame Players
So, will you like this game even if you hate side-scrolling action games? Absolutely not! This game is what it appears to be and it does follow many of the rules of the side-scroller, but it breaks just enough of the rules to make it stand out. The important thing to remember about Rayman is that you can count on being surprised by the small details. This is truly a next generation action game. Viva le Rayman!
DOSPower Play
Rayman stößt in die absolute Oberklasse der PC-Jump'n'Runs vor, die zugegebenerweise (noch) nicht allzu dicht besetzt ist. Vor allem grafisch ist einiges los auf dem Bildschirm: Farbenprächtige Hintergründe, ulkige Animationen und die witzigen und liebevoll gestalteten Sprites halten den Spieler bei Laune. Zumindest den Profispieler, denn Rayman hat in meinen Augen ein großes Manko: es ist schwer, verdammt schwer. Es ist sogar so schwer, daß Spieler ohne höhere Weihen bei der Joypad-Beherrschung die höheren Level trotz Save-Funktion und Continues wohl nie zu Gesicht bekommen werden. Und das ist eigentlich schade. Rayman ist zwar prinzipiell ein konservatives Jump and Run, verwöhnt aber den PC-Spieler mit vielen auf dieser Spieleplattform bisher nicht gesehenen Gags und Einfällen, die es verdient hätten, gebührend von aller Welt bewundert zu werden.
Game Boy AdvanceGameCola.net
Rayman Advance is a good bet on the cheap, but think twice when faced with a full purchase. Give it a rent if possible.
Game Boy AdvanceEurogamer.net (UK)
Though Rayman Advance makes admirable steps forward in a stale genre, it's essentially a mish-mash of same-old same-old with a new lick of paint. That we'll have true classics such as Sonic the Hedgehog appearing on the machine soon makes us wonder whether or not we need something like Rayman at all. Certainly it can satiate your desires for some simplistic jumping and climbing action, but it's all too easy to look past its cutesy, gimmicky charms and yearn for something more .. sophisticated.
Rayman es un plataformas 2D con casi dos décadas a sus espaldas, sin embargo su mecánica de juego, concepto y apartado visual no han envejecido nada mal. Además, el juego es más dífícil que el 95% de los que podemos encontrar actualmente en las estanterías, por lo que los más intrépidos tendrán desafío para rato si quieren terminarlo, para lo cual es necesario encontrar las 102 jaulas de electoons (algunas muy bien escondidas) antes de plantar cara al último jefe. Eso sí, después de sudar la gota gorda durante toda la aventura resulta que la secuencia final es tan corta, insulsa e insignificante que deja un sabor bastante agridulce. Por momentos Rayman puede acabar con la paciencia del mismísimo Dalái Lama, pero no hay duda de que derrocha diversión, belleza y detalles muy cuidados que corroboran el buen hacer de Michel Ancel y su equipo. Veremos qué tal les ha quedado Rayman Legends.
PlayStationCD Player
Wer ein intelligentes Jump-and-Run mit liebevoller Präsentation sucht, greift zu. 3D-Fanatiker mit Technik-Faible reagieren auf die konventionelle Grafik enttäuscht, erinnern sich aber bald an geliebte Klassiker und spielen begeistert weiter.
Game Boy AdvancePocket Magazine / Pockett Videogames
Heureusement, les graphismes ont été spécialement « remasterisés » pour l’occasion. Les tableaux sont magnifiques et rivalisent avec les versions de salon. Les thèmes musicaux participent pour beaucoup à l’ambiance du jeu, ils varient en fonction de l’environnement. Les décors sont extrêmement détaillés. Ils disposent d’une profondeur hallucinante (merci le scrolling différentiel !) et de petites animations dispersées çà et là. Quant au personnage principal, il est très gros et merveilleusement expressif. Enfin, la jouabilité est très instinctive, on « sort » facilement tous les mouvements, y compris les nouveaux. Si vous n’avez jamais fini Rayman, foncez !
Nintendo DSiIGN
Rayman on DSiWare is a capable, beautiful port of the game that set a new high bar for animation and use of color in environment design back in the mid-'90s. It's not the most robust edition of this game ever released, as it's missing a few of the features found in some of its late '90s special editions -- there's no level editor here, for example. But it makes up for anything old-school Rayman fans might miss by introducing a few new DSi-exclusive elements, like the helpful second-screen map and mid-level picture-taking points. So anyone looking for a fun and focused platforming adventure on DSi can feel safe spending eight bucks here -- Rayman's original adventure is still a blast, and it's nice to take a break from all those screaming Rabbids. Welcome back, Rayman.
Game Boy AdvanceGame Informer Magazine
Sure, I wish Ubi Soft would have gone the extra mile and given us a brand new Rayman opus, but the overall quality of this port makes up for the lack of innovation.
For years, thanks to an uneven and sporadic history, Rayman has held a steady position as one of videogaming's most bizarre characters. It's not much of an award; it's like Spinal Tap being known as "England's LOUDEST rock band". Rayman's like some sort of SOY BOMBish upstart, or maybe a less anthropomorphic Steve Allen that keeps trying to make his mark in a buffet layout of different genres. He's starred in 2D platforming, 3D platforming, educational gaming, golfing, racing, arena multiplayer gaming and whatever the hell Raving Rabbits is supposed to be.
Game Boy AdvanceGamekult
L'adaptation fidèle du Rayman sur GBA est en soit un petit tour de force. Outre la qualité de la réalisation, ce Rayman Advance bénéficie de toutes les qualités de son modèle : jouabilité, durée de vie, univers mignon tout plein, etc. Reste que ceux qui connaissent le jeu original auraient certainement apprécié de trouver quelques petits ajouts.
JaguarGame Zero
When I first saw this game, I thought it was a contender to be a selling point for the platform... but since the Saturn and PlayStation versions have come out, there really isn't any point in this one since the others are far better looking and sounding. If all you have is a Jaguar, I would have to say that this is probably the best platform game for the system. Graphics are clean and well done. Sound is good, and I really enjoyed the music. Play control is pretty good as well. A good game for a system that could have been much more.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
Rayman is just what gamers are looking for on the Saturn. Although it's a basic hop-n-bop at heart, it still holds enough visual power to dazzle you until something better comes along.
JaguarGamePro (US)
Although his puppet-like image leaves something to be desired for older gamers, Rayman is good platform fun - a ray of sunshine for Jaguar owners.
JaguarElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
Rayman is a cool idea, but it doesn't translate all that well to the Jaguar. Rayman's may colors and smooth animations are a nice thing you don't see every day on the Jaguar. My only real gripe about the Jag version of Rayman is the control. It's slow and you're bound to make mistakes. Perhaps it would be better with another controller, but to me it just got frustrating. Rayman has many unique concepts and it looks like a cartoon. If you bought a Jag, go for it.
DOSPC Player (Brazil)
Cansado do clima sanguinário e confuso da maioria dos games de ação? A UBI Soft tem a solução perfeita para você: é Rayman, um jogo com scrooling horizontal e conhecido entre os usuários de computadores Amiga.
Game Boy AdvanceJeuxvideo.com
Une adaptation qui n'apporte rien de nouveau mais dont la réalisation est absolument impeccable. C'est un Rayman mis en valeur par la GBA qui nous est offert ici pour le plus grand plaisir des joueurs de tous poil puisqu'il est une fois de plus irrésistible.
Rayman is side-scrolling, comic animation at its finest. Both experienced video gamers and newbies will find it absorbing, engaging and amusing.
Rayman is side-scrolling, comic animation at its finest. Both experienced video gamers and newbies will find it absorbing, engaging and amusing.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Nur die an einigen Stellen "nachwachsenden" Gegner sorgen manchmal für zuviel Hektik. Wer nicht so leicht in Panik gerät und gnadenlos niedliches Hüpfwerk schätzt, wird von Rayman sehr angetan sein.
Overall Rayman is a good title. The graphics are sharp and colorful and the game plays well. Despite it’s cute appearance, this game is not for casual gamers. The difficulty level is a bit unforgiving at times, but can be overcome with cheat codes. The game is massive, and can’t be beat in an afternoon. For Jaguar fans looking for a good platformer, Rayman can’t be beat. Recommended.
Game Boy AdvanceAll Game Guide
It may pale in comparison to the likes of Super Mario Advance or Wario Land 4, but Rayman Advance offers solid platform-based gameplay and a good deal of enjoyment for those patient enough to reap its rewards.
Game Boy AdvanceSuper Play
Bortser man från att spelet kräver en rutinerad och tålmodig spelare finns det nästan bara positiva saker att säga. Spelet är utmanande, består av hela 60 varierade och fantasifulla banor (plus för instrumentbanan där tillochmed ljudeffekterna när man hoppar härmar trummor och maracas) och manar en att fortsätta för att få tillgång till fler egenskaper som förmågan att häva sig upp, glidflyga och boxa ner fiender med knockout. Att man dessutom kan spela två samtidigt med linkkabel ger en stjärna i kanten.
SEGA SaturnAll Game Guide
This game is a great example of a game that is better on the Saturn than the PlayStation. The reason being is that Sega's Saturn can handle 2D graphics better than Sony's machine.
SEGA SaturnVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
This has to be the most pleasurably mellow platform experience ever. Guide Rayman through a host of gorgeous levels and beat the bosses, just like you have in a dozen other games. Rayman isn't much different in the end, but it's still entertaining and a ton of fun to boot.
Initially, Rayman appears to be a contender for the same fate. However, it is surprisingly enjoyable. What separates it from the rest is its cleverness. Yeah, that's right, cleverness. Maybe not as twisted as our pal Jim, but clever nonetheless. You have to climb through maze-like environments, navigate hazardous skies, and swing from perilous, suspended hooks.Sure, it's just like every other platformer but Rayman is done surprisingly well. Well enough, in fact, to warrant your precious gaming time.
PlayStationGame Informer Magazine
Produced in 1995, Rayman and games like it were the height of platforming challenge. In more recent years, the genre has steered away from the bottomless insta-death kill pits for good reason - they're not that much fun when placed in abundance. Sadly, Rayman didn't get that memo before this was released, so players are tasked with endlessly frustrating jumping sequences where one small mistake almost always means heading back to a distant checkpoint. It's a frustration that goes contrary to the bright inviting characters of the game and makes this first installment of the series far less memorable than the games that follow.
Nintendo DSiMag'64
Das Gameplay ist zwar im Prinzip erfrischend zeitlos - die Mischung aus Adventure-Elementen mit dem 2D-Jump n‘ Run-Genre ist etwas, das bis auf „Lost Wind“ in der Moderne nur wenig Nachahmer gefunden hat -, doch ist die Umsetzung inzwischen antiquiert. Das Leveldesign freilich ist abgefahren und in weiten Teilen auch abwechslungsreich, lässt den Spieler aber viel zu häufig in tiefschwarze Löcher fallen, Stellen, die gnadenlos unfair sind und dank derer das zeitintensive Suchen jedes einzelnen Electoon-Käfigs bei beständiger Wiederholung der Levels zur Qual mutieren kann. Zumindest für all jene, die schon allzu sehr dem Wohlfühl-Kuschel-Kurs moderner Spiele verfallen sind. Frustresistente 90er-Jahre-Jünger haben beim langsamen Verbessern von Raymans Fähigkeiten und dem extensiven Suchen nach allen Geheimnissen wohl trotzdem viel Spaß. Die witzige Integrierung der Kamera und die eingeführte Levelkarte rechtfertigen aber dennoch keinen Neukauf.
DOSHigh Score
Visst, Rayman är snyggt och allmänt gulligt, precis som den här typen av spel brukar vara. De första bilderna på Rayman visades för ungefär två år sedan. Man kan ju undra vad tillverkarna har gjort sedan dess. Inte vidareutvecklat spelet i alla fall.
Nintendo DSiNintendo Life
Had Rayman not been so annoyingly cheap then it would be a highly recommended platformer. Unfortunately, it is annoyingly cheap and should only be traversed by those with either a masochistic streak or diehard Rayman fans. And on a system brimming with quality 2D retail releases it simply can’t compete, even at a lower 800 Point asking price.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
I can appreciate its high production values and old-school roots, but Rayman is too tough for its own good.