Rayman Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

It's Rayman!
Title Screen
Opening Cinematic
World Map
Loading Screen
In the Dream Forest
Vine Climbing
Rayman does not like water.
Watch out for bad guys.
Just out of reach

Game Boy Advance version

Title screen
Introduction sequence
They have been locked up!
Loading the first scenario.
Start of the first level
Rayman acting funny.
First level completed.
Rayman take some time to pose for a picture.
A first power has been earned; Rayman can now punch objects and opponents.
Punch these balls to a good place to reach higher areas.
Fighting some enemies.
First boss

Jaguar version

Title Screen
The Story (sorry, no FMV for this version)
Map Screen
The Dream Forest
Vines help Rayman out of tough situations.
Band Land, and some nasty bugs
Rayman swings from rings like a circus performer.
Unfriendly Rock Monsters
Picture City
Caves of Skops
Giant Rotating Spikes
Mr. Dark's Candy Chateau
Hidden Breakout Game

PlayStation version

Loading screen
One of the first levels
Most enemies are no pushovers.
Every now and then, Rayman receives a new ability from this fairy.
World map
In every level, Rayman has to find and open six of these cages.
Riding on a mosquito.
Receiving an item.
Rayman is temporarily shunk.
While dodging giant drumsticks, a flute shoots lightning at Rayman.

SEGA Saturn version

Title Main menu
Game Start
Rayman tongue wag
Finishing first level
Betilla gives Rayman Punch Attack
Each finish level ends in a different transition effect/style
Punch cage to free electoons
Choice of which levels to play or repeat
Battle the Boss Mosquito must get 5 punches in to defeat
Boss Mosquito defeated now onto the next level