Razor Freestyle Scooter Screenshots

User Screenshots

Dreamcast version

Robot carried away your friends!
Scooter Park
Big Air
School Yard
Hand Plant
Rooftop Skating
It's a long way down.
Crazy Video

Nintendo 64 version

Title screen / Main menu.
Rider selection.
Cutscene showing your friends being kidnapped by a gigantic robot: could you save them?

PlayStation version

The game starts with an ultra short comic book style animation like this which is followed by two screens which say "A Crazed Robot Has Taken Your Friends / Can You Complete His Challenges To Save The
The game's title screen
The main menu
Whether playing or practicing the player must first select a character. There are only two, Chad and Amy. After this the player selects a scooter
This is Amy at the start of a practice session. There are some red discs in the distance, these are wheels which serve as tokens in this game
As the player scoots around there are doors and tunnels that open into new game areas
There are lots of different moves the player can make. These can be viewed by pausing the game
Playing the game. These are the objectives needed to clear the first level. The level is timed so scoring extra seconds to increase the time limit is important
Chad is sliding along the rails to score points. The countdown timer is in the lower right
The end of the first attempt at level one. The target score is 30,000 and this is nowhere near that
After a level attempt has been completed there is a replay option to see whet went right and what did not