RC de GO! Screenshots

User Screenshots

PlayStation version

Title screen (US).
Kyosho + RC World.
Intro movie.
Title screen (JP).
Ice Cream? (Demo)
Title screen
Key Configuration (US).
If you press L1 or R1 button, the RC racer will dash...
Sound Test.
Mode Select.
Chassis selection
Body selection
Course selection
Course loading screen
Course start
Start line
Rival car
A curve on the road
Course clear
Freighter Harbor course
Pool with Garden course
Woodland Path course
Fountain Park course
Falling from a ramp.
Cherry Hill course
Deforestation Hill course
Jumping from a ramp.
Cascade Cliff course
Snow Square course
Night Skyscraper course
RC Circuit course
Parts shop
Using the helicopter body part.
Name Entry.
T-Cup Open introduction ... "Let's go by RC!!"
One of the many Body Parts.
Wrong Way!!
One of the many Now Loading screens.
Night Skyscraper... Goal.
Quick Race Mode. Machine Select.
Tender Green Woods.
Player vs Rival.
Practice mode. Step 2 introduction.
Step 3!
Final Step. Sky Float Park course.