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RCA Studio II version

Doodle: Program started with a clean canvas. Notice the cursor on the lower-left corner.
Doodle: My best creation so far. And by best I mean only.
Patterns: The manual has some pattern suggestions. This apparently strange design is one of them. But once you start the "patternization" process...
Patterns: ...you immediately see the pattern taking shape.
Patterns: The simple pattern has now filled a good portion of the screen.
Patterns: Things are starting to get interesting.
Patterns: Oh, nice effect! Notice the pattern is now starting to intercept itself, turning to black the previously lit pixels.
Patterns: I wonder what'll come next...
Patterns: A few updates later, that nice previous pattern got inverted!
Patterns: Ah! We're back to the start, but with inverted colors!
Bowling: The starting screen, with both players' scores at 0. "F" indicates the frame number.
Bowling: The gameplay screen. The left square is the ball, moving automatically between the edges of the lane.
Bowling: Went for a hook down, let's see how it goes.
Bowling: Great! Just two pins left standing! (With a little help from some questionable physics.)
Bowling: Yay! Perfect shot for the spare!
Bowling: Yeap, I did it. Not much of a celebrating screen, though.
Bowling: The scores just before starting frame 4.
Freeway: Starting screen. All cars are stopped until the player starts his car.
Freeway: As you can tell from all the motion blur, I'm speeding insanely.
Freeway: Crashing into another car just overlaps the sprites and slows the player down drastically.
Freeway: My 2 minutes are up and my mediocre score is shown. Remember, don't take screenshots and drive!
Addition: Starting screen, showing both players' scores at zero.
Addition: The first 3 digits to add appeared. The correct result is 3, of course, and the player that first hits button 3 on his keyboard scores.
Addition: Another round. Player 1 is beating Player 2 badly. Maybe because no one is at his controls.
Addition: The final score, after 20 rounds of fun addition.