Ready 2 Rumble Boxing

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Nintendo 64

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Platform Votes Score
Dreamcast 18 3.8
Game Boy Color 2 4.0
Nintendo 64 5 3.9
PlayStation 5 2.7
Combined User Score 30 3.7

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DreamcastAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault)
Being a cynic at heart, I’m not one to always see the brightest points of a title, as hard as I try, but I was hard pressed to find fault with Midway’s masterpiece. Few offerings short of the old LucasArts adventure games feature characters as memorable or entertaining as Ready 2 Rumble, which is quite an achievement, especially for a simple arcade boxing game. Then again, perhaps simple is an unfair adjective to use when describing such a wonderful play experience, because Ready 2 Rumble is nothing short of brilliant. Alone or with friends, you’re sure to get your money’s worth, as games seldom feature the audio, visual, and play quality that this one sports. I never thought I’d be saying it, but Mike Tyson’s Punch Out is going to have to sit this round out, because Midway’s superb Ready 2 Rumble is the new heavyweight champ.
DreamcastConsoles Plus
Si le genre n'est pas nouveau, Reasy 2 Rumble, lui, offre une véritable bouffée d'air frais. Graphismes époustouflants et plaisir immédiat !
This is another solid launch title. If you are looking for a fun game that anyone will be able to pick up and play, this is the game for you. I really like the depth added by the championship mode but I wish it was a little more challenging. The fast paced, action heavy gameplay will keep you going fight after fight and the great graphics will have you laughing out loud. What are you waiting for? Go pick up a copy of this game.
And that is basically the bottom line here, folks. If you go out and get Ready 2 Rumble expecting a game that will amaze you with its depth and realism, you'll be in for a bit of a let-down. On the other hand, if you are in the mood to knock the piss out of your buddies in one of the most hilarious, addictive multi-player experiences ever to hit a console, then get off your can and pick this one up. The new undisputed heavy-weight champ of console boxing has arrived, ladies and gentleman. Get to rumblin', already!
This game is a lot of fun and quite unique. I would strongly recommend this game if you are even remotely interested in boxing action. It’s nice to see how good a game can be made when they put the extra time and effort into it. It really shows here. So many games out on the Playstation do not make full use of its full potential. Not so for Ready 2 Rumble Boxing! With only a few minor flaws, Midway has truly delivered a solid knockout punch!
DreamcastPower Unlimited
Als je besluit om een boel geld uit te geven aan Ready 2 Rumble dan kan je dat het beste besteden aan de Dreamcast-versie. Heb je geen Dreamcast? Dan wordt het toch de hoogste tijd.
Si ça continue, il va falloir noter les jeux DC sur 25 ou 30 ! Les niveaux technique, esthétique, sportif même sont incroyables! C'est de loin le meilleur jeu de boxe tous supports confondus, et que vous soyez fou de boxe ou indifférent, foncez sur Ready 2 Rumble !
DreamcastSuper Play
Med Ready 2 Rumble har Midway verkligen lyckats att fånga det som är roligt med boxning på ett sätt som gör spelet underhållande för vem som helst, amatör som proffs.
DreamcastGaming Target
Ready 2 Rumble presents both great gameplay and graphics, although it may get a little repetitive after a while.
Nintendo 64Retroage
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing ma nieco odmienne podejście do tematu niż np. Knockout Kings 2000 . Ta gra jest zrealizowana z przysłowiowym jajem – jest zabawna i śmieszna, a zachowanie i komentarze bokserów potrafią rozśmieszyć nawet najgorszego ponuraka. Grywalność obok grafiki jest największą zaletą tej gry. Ogromna liczba ciosów i postaci czyni z tej gry niemal najlepszą bijatykę na Nintendo 64 mimo iż nie jest to czyste mordobicie do jakiego wszyscy jesteśmy przyzwyczajeni.
Nintendo 64Gamezilla
Ready 2 Rumble is a great game with strong graphics, sound, and gameplay. The championship mode offers multiplayer interaction not normally found in the storyline parts of fighting games. While fighting game fanatics will probably get bored without some of the fancier moves, most people should be quite happy with the options available. This is definitely a worthwhile game to play. It should provide enough hours of gameplay to be worth buying outright.
Ready 2 Rumble is a fantastic game in almost every sense of the word. If the computer opponents could adapt to your style to stop one dimensional attacks, and force you to use your head to box, this game would be almost perfect. Still, with its incredible control and impressive overall presentation, it's the best boxing game ever. I know I'll be playing the two-player mode for a long time to come and will be looking forward to a sequel. Ready 2 Rumble is one of the must-have launch games on the Dreamcast.
DreamcastMega Fun
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing sicherlich die derzeit beste Boxsimulation auf dem Konsolenmarkt. Die Gestaltung der Charaktere ist bombastisch, die Präsentation des Titels ist sehr stylish und die Grafik-Engine stellt auf beiden Konsolen die momentane Oberklasse dar. Zwei Schönheitsmängel haben wir dennoch feststellen müssen. Zum einen verfügen die Charaktere über ein zu geringes Repertoire unterschiedlicher Schlagkombinationen, und zum anderen sind die unterschiedlichen Charaktere zu unausgewogen. Mit der flinken Lulu zum Beispiel fällt es euch nicht schwer, die Weltmeisterschaft zu erlangen. Dagegen agiert der schwergewichtiqe Salua sehr träge und verliert beinahe jeden Kampf in der Gold-Klasse.
Au final, c'est bel et bien une conversion sans concession que l'on nous offre. Reprenant tous les bons côtés du jeu, Point of View limite la casse malgré une baisse de qualité visuelle inévitable et des animations quelquefois ralenties. Ready 2 Rumble est en tout cas bien meilleur que tout ce qui s'est fait dans le genre sur cette console.
Au final, Ready 2 Rumble sur Nintendo reste un sacré jeu de baston façon arcade avec une foule de combos spéciales et un humour vraiment sympa. Le titre perd bien sûr un peu de sa contenance visuelle mais les amateurs ne seront pas déçus.
PlayStationMega Fun
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing sicherlich die derzeit beste Boxsimulation auf dem Konsolenmarkt. Die Gestaltung der Charaktere ist bombastisch, die Präsentation des Titels ist sehr stylish und die Grafik-Engine stellt auf beiden Konsolen die momentane Oberklasse dar. Zwei Schönheitsmängel haben wir dennoch feststellen müssen. Zum einen verfügen die Charaktere über ein zu geringes Repertoire unterschiedlicher Schlagkombinationen, und zum anderen sind die unterschiedlichen Charaktere zu unausgewogen. Mit der flinken Lulu zum Beispiel fällt es euch nicht schwer, die Weltmeisterschaft zu erlangen. Dagegen agiert der schwergewichtiqe Salua sehr träge und verliert beinahe jeden Kampf in der Gold-Klasse.
Nintendo 64Mega Fun
Jau! Ready 2 Rumble Boxing ist wieder so ein Kandidat, den man entweder mag oder nicht. Sicherlich sorgt das Game einige Zeit für so manchen Lacher, aber leider sind mir die Aktionsmöglichkeiten im Kampf selbst etwas zu rar gesät. Auch überragen manche Boxer andere um Längen. Hier hätte Midway wesentlich mehr Sorgfalt walten lassen müssen, Dafür entschädigt der Zweispieler-Mode mächtig. Gunther und ich haben selten so gelacht.
Nintendo 64Gaming Target
R2R Boxing is definitely worth the money if you are a N64 owner who loved those Mike Tyson Punch Out days, or just a boxing fan. Although, the DC version is better, but that doesn't mean that the N64 version is bad in any way. As for the other N64 contender...err, Knock Out Kings, you may want to check it out also. It has actual boxers, but is more of the sim nature.
PlayStationPower Unlimited
Ready 2 Rumble op de Playstation is oké. Beter dan Knock-out Kings maar niet zo goed als Prince Naseem Boxing.
PlayStationAbsolute Playstation
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is a fine arcade beat-em-up and will provide hours of two player fun. As a single player game I quickly raced towards my first championship in a matter of hours and couldn't really be bothered to start all over again with another boxer. The kids will love it, but true boxing fans may find this a little too simplistic.
Game Boy ColorPower Unlimited
De GBC-versie van Ready 2 Rumble ziet er heel goed uit maar met name het ontbreken van de Training mode is een essentieel gemis.
Nintendo 64Total! (Germany)
Taktische Vorgehensweisen sind bei Ready 2 Rumble kaum nötig beziehungsweise möglich. Am erfolgreichsten ist in den meisten Fällen der offene Schlagabtausch mit gelegentlichen Ausweichschritten. Dadurch verliert das Spiel leider relativ schnell an Reiz, auch wenn es anfangs riesigen Spaß macht, die Fäuste fliegen zu lassen. Besonders der Einspieler-Modus leidet unter dieser Eintönigkeit, während ein Duell mit Freunden noch nach Wochen immer wieder dazu verlockt, das Game einzulegen und in den Ring zu steigen.
DreamcastPlanet Dreamcast
Ready 2 Rumble is one slick looking game, the production values are first-rate all the way… but the lack of replay value and general repetitiveness make this a game you probably won't bust out much after you beat championship mode once, unless you've got friends over that haven't played it yet. Still, Ready 2 Rumble is a great game and certainly worth a rental, if nothing else. Hey, it's a hell of a lot more entertaining than real boxing and will cost you about as much as a five minute Tyson fight on pay-per-view. Eat your heart out, Don King.
DreamcastThe Next Level
In conclusion, Read 2 Rumble is a fine purchase. It looks, plays and sounds like a Dreamcast game should. Astounding and nothing less. It's what Blitz and NBA Jam were to their own respective sports. Kickin' ass has never been this, not since Ring King that is.
Game Boy
L’adaptation de Ready 2 Rumble est plus qu’honorable et le Game Boy Color fait preuve ici de belles compétences. Bon gameplay, mais toutefois un peu trop limité pour garantir une bonne durée de vie.
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is a good arcade-style boxing game. If you're a fan of fighting games, you'll enjoy the game's special moves, combo system, and varied characters. Boxing fans will be happy with the game as well, because, although it isn't very realistic, the ability it gives you to throw your own combos surpasses the combo system used in Knockout Kings 2000.
Nintendo 64CyberGames
Only for those without a Dreamcast. Given the long wait period, new features would have been welcome. Graphics, audio and gameplay all seem bland after the Dreamcast original.
Nintendo 64Power Unlimited
De Nintendo 64-versie van Ready 2 Rumble laat het een beetje afweten. Het spel heeft als belangrijkste voordeel dat er zo weinig concurrentie is op dit systeem.
Ready 2 Rumble nous montre les capacités de la Dreamcast en termes d'animation et de graphisme. La réalisation est sans faille : les boxeurs sont sensationnels et les expressions de visages incroyables. La prise en main est rapide mais implique hélas une jouabilité un peu simpliste, aggravée par une intelligence artificielle limitée. Cependant, Midway Games propose là un des meilleurs jeux de boxe jamais produits sur console. On regrette simplement que la durée de vie, en mode solo, ne soit pas plus conséquente et qu'il n'y ait pas une variété de coups plus importante.
DreamcastThe Video Game Critic
No question about it, Ready 2 Rumble is a winner. It's one major flaw is that the big, slow boxers are at a disadvantage against the quicker opponents. But only purists looking for a shred of realism will be disappointed with this.
PlayStationGame Revolution
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is a strange, mixed bag of fun. Though some of the graphical quality was lost in the translation, this game is still worth a look. So, pull those gloves out of the closet and step in the ring, Michael Buffer wants to have a few words with you.
Game Boy ColorTotal! (Germany)
Technisch wartet Ready 2 Rumble Boxing mit beeindruckenden, kurzen Intros inklusive Sprachausgabe auf. Die Kämpfer sind gut animiert, beherrschen aber nur vereinzelte Schlagvarianten, was dem Kampfgeschehen etwas von seiner Dynamik nimmt. Auch wenn dieses Prügelspiel gerade zu Anfang noch eine enge Spaß macht, so verliert es aufgrund der nur sehr begrenzten Möglichkeiten der Boxer und der wenigen Modi doch schnell an Reiz.
PlayStationPlayer One
D'abord, si elle n'a pas à rougir de sa prestation, cette version Play est loin des prouesses techniques de Ready 128 bits. Ensuite, l'ambiance est ici réduite à un quasi-néant fâcheux : les concepteurs ont tout misé sur la modélisation des boxeurs. Résultat : les salles désertées baignent dans une ambiance sépulcrale du plus mauvais goût. Et enfin, les coups sortent péniblement, les duels en perdent autant dans l'intensité. Ready sur Play demeure un titre pas déshonorant. Mais pour ce qui est de rivaliser avec la version Dreamcast, c'est mission impossible.
Game Boy ColorElectric Playground
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is all about the personality of the fighters. Including the character introductions (in voice no less) and their same, if drastically miniaturized fight animations from the Dreamcast version manages to get some of the personality and extra entertainment value of the more potent console versions. Because, let’s face it, Game Boy boxing is nothing to write home about, Color or not. Everything is so tiny and four way directional movement is limiting. The developers managed to get most of the different types of punches and even their individual animations into the game, but at this miniature scale, Ready 2 Rumble Boxing is pretty much just button mashing where you can’t quite see what is happening, especially when the other fighter is overlapping your own. You’re just happy, if somewhat surprised, when the other guy falls down instead of you.
Game Boy ColorDaily Radar
For those who might be wondering how Midway's rather tongue-in-cheek boxing game Ready 2 Rumble fares with its comedic elements removed: not altogether well. Crawfish Interactive manages to fit a lot of boxing, some wicked super-combinations and 10 fighters on one Game Boy Color cartridge but fails to capture the game's essential charm. With no voice samples (save for those of famed ring announcer Mike Buffer), there's no back and forth trash talking between the fighters, and the fighter introductions are graphically wonderful but so generic as to impart none of the gleeful joy seen in the Nintendo64, Dreamcast and PlayStation versions of the game. What's left for Rumble here is rather solitary and straightforward punch-and-block boxing that loses what little flavor it has by the time the bell sounds for round two.
Nintendo 64Game Revolution
Ready 2 Rumble Boxing would be a strange, mixed bag of fun, if you could ignore the horrible graphics. Add to that all the problems that were inherent in the Dreamcast version, and you have yet another Midway N64 game that belongs in the bargain bin.
Game Boy ColorDigital Press - Classic Video Games
It's got all the right ingredients, but the package just falls apart once your in the ring. As far as a technical showcase, the game succeeds on nearly every level. It just goes to show you that "the plays the thing."
Game Boy ColorNintendojo
Simply put, zero gameplay depth added to a mere two play modes equals fifteen minutes of entertainment at most, and that's assuming the time is taken to watch all the full-motion video.