Realms of Chaos Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title screen
Start of level 1
Now I'm a boy...
And now I'm a girl
Level 1 cleared!
ANSI art logo used in the downloadable shareware installer.
In-game menu.
Level loading screen.
Game instructions page, with high-res art of a monster.
Endrick's profile.
Elara's profile.
Preview screenshot of registered game levels (shareware version).

Windows version

Title screen
Main menu
The Hall of Heroes (high scores)
Choose which episode to play
The loading screen
Starting the first area of the first episode. You always start out as Endrick.
I have switched to Elandra
Endrick swinging his sword
Elandra shooting flame
When you kill enemies, they drop goodies.
When you shoot these statues, you get goodies, as well.
Watch out for these pop-up spikes
I guess this is the end of the level
The level cleared screen
Starting level 2 of episode one
It is not suggested that you miss the platform
Starting the first level of episode two
Starting the first level of episode three