Realms of Darkness Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Title screen
Part of the introduction
The main menu
Character creation
Outside a building; obvious exits are west, south, east, north
Visiting a blacksmith
Care to purchase anything?
Facing a mean looking guy with a sword
You can equip characters with various items
Outside of a temple
Temples provide some useful options
Found some stairs going down
A dwarf provides a clue...
This guy probably isn't friendly...
City entrance

Commodore 64 version

Realms of Darkness Starting Screen
Exploring the Dungeon
Receiving a Quest

PC-88 version

Title screen
Let's venture into the world where rouges form alliances
Start of the game
Eat and drink
Weapon shop
The weapon & armor selection
Bought a rope and hook at the item shop
At the city gates

Sharp X68000 version

Title screen
100 for a dinner!? You damn rip off artist!
Stats for a swell girl named Pauline
Only the text uses higher res, the graphics are the same as in the other Japanese computer versions