Reaper: Tale of a Pale Swordsman Screenshots

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Windows version

Main title.
Main menu - Our animated hero standing valiantly in a stormy world.
Story - Doesn't really explain much. Something about the Imperium fighting against savage tribes.
Game start - Feels a like a weird cartoon.
Tutorial - Standard information to help the player understand controls. Now to jump over that happy looking statue.
Tutorial - Auto-attacks. Occur when the hero is close enough to objects or enemies. Apparently manual attacks costs rage (skulls on top screen) which are stronger attacks.
Tutorial - Using a manual attack, called slam (by pressing down) against what was previously a jelly monster. One rage used up and goodbye slime.
Tutorial - Using another manual attack, this time called Whirlwind (by pressing double space while in air) against flying enemies.
World Map - Default interface when travelling between locations, information on events affecting the hero.
Combat - Attacked while travelling by a nice little piggy. A razorback. You can jump on his back like a trampoline.
Victory - Score, gold, and experience points.
Level Up - Choose one of the available skills as a level up reward.
Shop - Miko the blacksmith offers quality weapons and armor, though expensive.