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In the future, working conditions in agridustrial combine compounds are a step back to slavery, with no prospects, long hours and poor treatment. One day THX2240 (an obvious George Lucas reference) decides she's had enough, and steals a Crowd Control vehicle to escape.

Escaping from the whole 10-level complex is a big task though, as each of the many compounds has its own locks. These can be removed using mirrors to guide a solar beam onto the locks, weakening them. There are patrol guards trying to stop you, and each time you fire a beam and it fails to open a door, you lose a life. The action is viewed from above with a pseudo-3D feel.


Rebel Commodore 64 Level 12 The Forcefield
Rebel Commodore 64 Fly-by
Rebel ZX Spectrum Exploring.
Rebel ZX Spectrum Avoid the blocks.

User Reviews

A definite contender for 'most frustrating game ever'. Commodore 64 Koos King (511)

The Press Says

Your Sinclair ZX Spectrum Oct, 1987 7 out of 10 70
ACE (Advanced Computer Entertainment) ZX Spectrum Oct, 1987 691 out of 1000 69


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There is a bug (cheat?) by which the enemy vehicles can be disabled. If the player fires the main laser exactly as they die the helicopters stop shooting, the bombers stop bombing and the tanks no longer move and cannot be driven into.

However the laser can never be fired again rendering the stage impossible.

This did make exploring the game much simpler as it was possible to trace out the required path for the laser without dying.
Contributed to by Martin Smith (63162)