Rebel Moon Rising Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen
Rebel Moon Rising
Main menu screen.
Mission briefing. Note that the time to complete a mission is limited by the amount of oxygen the player is provided with.
The entrance to the Terran Comm. Centre.
UN Bluesuits are one of the more common enemies in the game.
Found an Applied ThermoDynamics ACR-5A2 Automatic Combat Laser (ACR) Rifle, commonly known as the Combat Laser.
The switches which you need to activate to proceed with the mission are marked in red, but otherwise easy to miss, especially in dark areas.
The game supports a variety of high resolution modes, but most of them neglect aspect correction.
The overhead map gets very useful in navigating the mazelike levels.
Sneaking up on an unsuspecting UN Bluesuit.
Rebel Moon Rising would be incomplete without destructible barrels. Here they make an appearance as important mission objectives.
Taking on two UN Jumptroopers.
Barrel destroyed, more twenty-something to go!
The path is blocked by a laser fence.
Got hit by a Jumptrooper. These enemies fire streams of fast-moving projectiles, which can be difficult to dodge.
That red switch can only be reached if you have a jetpack.
The level exit door.
Mission accomplished! The victory screen relays the impact that the player's success will have on the course of the conflict between the Lunar Free State and the Earth.
Very often the game looks rather similar to Star Wars: Dark Forces.