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Red Dead Redemption

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Red Dead Redemption is a free-roaming western game and the spiritual successor to Red Dead Revolver. The game is set in 1911, where players take control of John Marston; an outlaw who is forced to turn on his peers when federal agents threaten his family. He is sent to the American frontier to capture his former gang members, especially the notorious leader Bill Williamson.

In the open world, the player is free to pursue to the storyline or to partake in the various events that occur while exploring the West; similar in overall design to Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto series. Horses are the main means of transportation, and the player can whistle for their mount at any time. Players can also visit towns, talk to other characters, and join or intervene in events such as public hangings, ambushes and robberies. Many of these are random, including dangerous animal attacks and bandit ambushes. Other activities include hunting, gambling, duels and standoffs, with guns as the main weapon.

Based on the player's decisions, two morality systems (honor and fame) influence on how the environment and other characters react to Marston. Marston can shoot while riding a horse and capture people by lasso, combined with a cover system with specific targeting or wildfire. In the recharging Dead Eye targeting mode time is slowed down to target different enemies in specific locations, and then execute the shots in rapid succession. The player can also set up camps anywhere in the world to fast travel to known locations or save their game.

Multiplayer is supported through free-for-all, team and capture-the-flag modes, introducing crates with weapons and power-ups. Games start with a Mexican standoff where the survivor receives some extra time to gather items while the others are respawning, Similar to Grand Theft Auto IV there is a continuous free-roaming mode where players can team up in posses to form a party to engage computer-controlled gangs. Posses are made up of a maximum of eight players and all multiplayer games support a maximum of sixteen players. During multiplayer the characters can level up and gain access to new mount breeds, character models and weapon skins.


Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 Arriving at the fort Mercer, where your old gang use to hang.
Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 During quick-draw aiming you can mark multiple targets and let the end sequence do the rest for you, plus you can also use rifles as well, but they won't be as fast as revolvers.
Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 You can rent a room or buy an apartment or land which will serve as resting ground as well point to save or resume game.
Red Dead Redemption PlayStation 3 Game features night and day cycles, and during nighttime stores will be closed, but saloons and brothels may be busier.

Alternate Titles

  • "Grand Theft Horse" -- Informal title

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User Reviews

John Marston tops Tommy Vercetti as a great character. PlayStation 3 Kyle Levesque (329)
I got myself one of d'em good games, partner Xbox 360 Pixelspeech (955)
Simply, a fun game PlayStation 3 Simon Koetsier (422)

The Press Says

1UP Xbox 360 May 17, 2010 A 100
Gaming since 198x PlayStation 3 Feb 03, 2011 5 out of 5 100
Level 7 Xbox 360 May 20, 2010 10 out of 10 100
Game Informer Magazine PlayStation 3 May 17, 2010 9.75 out of 10 98 Xbox 360 Jun 03, 2010 9.5 out of 10 95
GameZone Xbox 360 May 21, 2010 9.5 out of 10 95
Videogameszone PlayStation 3 May 20, 2010 91 out of 100 91
Teletext Xbox 360 2010 9 out of 10 90
Games Radar Xbox 360 May 17, 2010 9 out of 10 90 Xbox 360 May 16, 2010 9 out of 10 90


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The famous Wilhelm scream known throughout many movies since the 50s makes an appearance in the game. During various times in the single player and multiplayer modes the sound effect will trigger when a person is shot and killed.


  • 4Players
    • 2010 – #2 Best Game of the Year (Readers' Vote)
    • 2010 – #2 Best Graphics of the Year
  • GamePro (Germany)
    • 2011 - Best Console Game in 2011 (Readers' Voting)
    • 2011 - Best Console Action Game in 2011 (Readers' Voting)
  • GameSpy
    • 2010 – Game of the Year
    • 2010 – Action-Adventure Game of the Year

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