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Red Ninja: End of Honor

Red Ninja: End of Honor Screenshots

PlayStation 2 version

Main menu
Press square to receive the instructions for the tutorials
Don't make a sound. Or fall in the water. (Just push the stick a bit forward. Not fully forward.)
At the beginning of a stage you get a fly through of it...
...and then off you go.
That pink thingy is a butterfly. You get tips from it.
This is a kunai floating there. Run over it
...and if its the first time, you get a box explaining its use
Kurenai. (Heroine)
You can carry bodies to try and hide them.
Inventory. You can assign items to the triangle and circle buttons
Walk slowly to not make any noise, then drop down
Wall run. Gain momentum, then aim for the wall you want to run on.

Red Ninja: End of Honor Screenshots

Xbox version

Title screen
Main menu
Story intro
Switching to a 1st-person perspective for a better view
Sneaking up to the guard
You can rotate the camera to your heart's content.
Engaging in not-so-stealth combat with the guards