Redneck Rampage Screenshots

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DOS version

Intro sequence
Publisher's logo
Developer's logo
Loading screen
Main menu
Nice campfire. Want a hotdog to go roast?
Bringing new meaning to the term "Road Rage"
There's no place like home... There's no place like home...
Fighting in front of the bowling alley
Going bowling
Those aliens sure look real. This must be one of those 3D movies
Gee, I'm sorry to hear about your house
Break into people's homes... and shoot them! How rude
Anyone up for a friendly game of baseball?
Whoa... Chesire cat in my bathroom
The Old Coot really looks in need of Pepto Bismo
No comment
Fighting an alien hulk
The Episode 1 Boss, the Turd Master
Guess they don't take American Express
Fighting the aliens
Hey lady, ain't it cold in that?
J. Cluck's office
Throw down, hombrey!
Again, no comment
Close encounter with the alien fleet
Final battle with the alien queen
Back off lady, I'm armed... ow! not the face!
Just one of the many weird/funny portrets in the game
Attack on shop
Shop map
Get out! Intruder!
Fight on road
I want barbecue