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SNESPower Unlimited (Mar, 1994)
Het spel gebaseerd op de tekenfilm van Ren & Stimpy mag dan aanvankelijk net zo grappig en melig zijn, na een tijdje valt de verveling toe, en wordt het duidelijk dat het gewoon een van de vele platformspelletjes is.
SNESGame Players (Jan, 1994)
Even if this weren't a solid game based on real R&S cartoons, NES fans would still want to get their hands on it just because it's a new game for their system. But, hey - it's a good blend of action and puzzles, too.
Not a bad game. The controls are good, but the graphics are just OK. Sound is average if repetitious. One major drawback is that it is only a one player game.
Graphics and animation are both very good and a faithful representation of the cartoon roots. The humor of the show is conveyed fairly well, with minor characters and references from the show littered throughout. As a whole though, the different level types don’t mesh too well, especially with the puzzle aspects of the space levels getting in the way.
0 (Mar, 2013)
Grating renditions of the “Ren and Stimpy” theme accompany your journey into utter despair, along with poor hit detection, washed-out graphics, and an all-encompassing icky feeling. Keep your Buckaroos to yourself, boys.