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Back of box:
    Red-hot combat in the cold vacuum of space!

    Without warning, the hot lance of a laser beam cuts across the void! Your combat senses reflexively execute the evasive maneuver that saves your life -- barely. You search the spinning starscape for the TOG hot-shot who just boiled away nearly 2 square meters of your ship's precious fibroplastic armor.

    Impulsively you punch up a hailing frequency, "Now I'll show you, TOG-slime, how it's supposed to be done." Calmly arming your ship's twin Neutron Particle Cannons, you close in for the kill that will leave New Rome one ship poorer...

    All the challenge combat and excitement of the original FASA game -- and much more!

    . Command a fighter squandron in the never ending wars between the Terran Overlord Government (TOG) and the Commonwealth.

    . Fly with the Elite Forces of the TOG or the Commonwealth freedom fighters.

    . Dogfight with deadly 69th Century starfighters -- 24 standard fighter types are included, or custom design your own!

    . Fly over a dozen mission types, including anti-piracy, space station defense, enemy fleet interceptions and wild melee engagements!

    Renegade Legion: Interceptor - Tactical ship-to-ship space combat at its very best.

    Contributed by jeff leyda (1729) on Apr 19, 2003.