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The Official Nintendo Player's Guide (1987) - NES:


    The city is under siege. A gang of hoodlums has taken over and is destroying everything in its wake. Like a pack of rats, they're skittering through the subways, lurking along the dockside and plotting more destruction in the dark places of the inner city. Only you can protect the helpless townspeople from their brutal attack.

    GAME PLAY: The fight rages through four exciting stages. You can take the fight to a sleazy wharf. Face a gang of tough Kung Fu girls in a dark alley. Or battle it out in another alley that seems like a maze. You'll need to get your moves down--the running punch, running kick, shoulder throw and more. A hamburger replenishes your strength. A heart will float by and maybe bring help--perhaps another Renegade? Catch a Power Up for a guaranteed knock-out punch. And speed to victory with a Power S when you're riding your big chopper. You can do it if you give it your all!

    Contributed by Joshua J. Slone (4621) on Mar 07, 2007.