Renegade Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Mission 1
Punched in the head
Down on the ground
First boss down on the ground
Mission 2
Booted a thug off his motorcycle
Oh great! More thugs
Second boss down on the ground
Mission 3
Fat bitch down on the ground
Mission 4
Final Boss
Boss down on the ground
As Q-Bert would say: "Bye-Bye!"

Amstrad CPC version

Title screen
High scores and credits
Starting level 1
Game over

Apple II version

Loading screen
Title screen
Game start
Level 2
Boss fight
Another shot of the biker level
Biker boss

Arcade version

Title screen
Wrong button
I must beat bad guys
Boss is stronger
Game over
Beginning of Stage 2
Oi, that's unfair! I have no motorcycle!
Kicking the thugs off their bikes
Confronting the biker gang
Whoops! The clock ran out!
The boss is about to get a nice beating...
Stage 3. Gah! Violence against women!
The big lady can easily slap the hell out of you
Stage 4. These guys have insta-killing knives!
Entering the final boss's hideout
Bringing a gun to a fist fight? Now that's low, mr. Boss
Unfortunately, the gun can kill you instantly
The ending scene

Atari ST version

Start screen
Gentlemen... I propose fisticuffs!
I lay him down on the floor with the ole one-two!
A brutal roundhouse kick!
My last opponent floors me!
Game over!

Commodore 64 version

Playing the game
Down on the ground
High Score
Level 2.
Level 3.
Level 4.
Level 5.
The world is saved. Oh no. While only a girl. Also not bad.

DOS version

Title screen (VGA)
Level 1 (VGA)
Title screen (CGA)
Level 1 (CGA)
As with some other Banana Development conversions, there is more than one CGA palette to choose from
Title screen (Hercules)
Level 1 (Hercules)
Title screen (EGA)
Demo (EGA)
The difference between EGA and Tandy (TGA) is subtile, but look at the text
Title screen (Paradise EGA)
Demo (Paradise EGA)

NES version

The "Get Ready" screen
Mission 1
Grabbing onto a thug
Fighting on the train
Down on the ground
Look like the thug is about to open up a serious can of whoopass on him
Mission 2
Lovely day to ride bikes, ain't it?
Road Wars
Mission 3
Fighting in a bar
Oh yeah?
Mission 4

SEGA Master System version

The "Get Ready" screen
Mission 1
You are thrown in the dumpster
"He's got me."
Knocked out
Carried by two thugs on the train
Oh yeah?
Mission 2
A guy gets thrown off his motorcycle
Road Wars
Pulling a wheelie
"Put me down at once."
Boss down
Mission 3
Boss down
Mission 4
Fighting inside an old building

Thomson MO version

Title screen
Ready to kick some ass
Starting Misson 1
One thug down!

ZX Spectrum version

Title screen
Stage 1 - Subway station
One of muggers falling down to hell
Prepare for nasty smash by cudgel
Stage 1 - Boss
Stage 2 - Pier area
This guy need a few lessons of boxing
Fighting with two bikers is pretty hard
Stage 2 - Boss
Stage 3 - Red light area
Nothing is better than precise kick
Just finishing another lady of the night
Stage 3 - Boss
Stage 4 - Back alley, 1
Pitiless struggle with razor wielders
Knocked out enemy can be thrown away
Stage 5 - Back alley, 2
Each single hit by razor is deadly
Final boss is shooting from pistol
Game is finished but you can try harder difficulty

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  • Renegade Screenshot
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  • Renegade Screenshot
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  • Renegade Screenshot
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