Rescue Heroes: Meteor Madness Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

This is the sign-on screen
Once they have signed on the player can choose a picture and print out a Rescue Heroes id badge
Rescue Heroes Command Centre. The map shows the four trouble spots. When the mouse cursor is moved over each one a picture is displayed and a voice describes the mission
The first part of the "Outback Nature Preserve" mission, guiding Billy Blazes to his destination across a side scrolling obstacle course
When Billy gets stuck on an obstacle the winch is used to pull him back onto solid ground
Load screens like this occur whenever there's a change in the game. Here Billy has arrived at the meteor site in his vehicle and the game is loading the second part of the mission
The targeting of the water jet is controlled by the mouse. The reticule turns green when a flame is targeted
Once all the fires are out Ariel Flyer turns up and the player transfers the animals to her stretcher, one at a time, so that she can take them to safety
The fires in the Australian Outback are extinguished so that star no longer glows red on the operations map. The next destination is the film studio where a buxom young lady needs help.
The Seaside Studios maze. The jet ski is controlled by the arrow keys and must be guided to the victim Nemo has located. Once there the 'please wait' screen is displayed while the next bit loads
The victim has been found. Now the buoy has to be fired over the stream of obstacles that scroll left to right. Once the buoy lands in the water near the victim Nemo guides them to safety
In "Klondike Canyons" the player must locate and rescue stranded hikers. The Data Pak radar screen shows where they are in relation to hero Rocky
Once the hiker has been found Rocky hands them a harness
Jake Justice, the only hero not to make a personal appearence, winches the hiker to safety
This screen shot shows two of the three hazards Rocky faces, vultures and snakes. Snakes patrol a platform and strike if he's too near. Vultures swoop across the screen and rocks fall downwards
The Alpine Slopes mission starts by guiding Al Pine down a slope on his snowboard. The slope, which is in the Alps, slopes downwards and has alpine pine trees on it.
Al Pine will fall off his snowboard when he hits an obstacle but he always gets back up and says 'I'm Fine'
Al Pine's boarding down an alpine slope ends when he finds Wind Chill. This is followed by another 'Please Wait' screen while the next part loads.
Somewhere in this screen a climber is trapped. Suddenly Al Pine has lost the snow board and has donned a mechanised ice pick, which pocket did he keep that in I wonder?
The ice pick in action as it exposes the second climber's shelter. Once all the ice is gone the player calls Wind Chill via the Data Pak and he/she/it takes the climber to safety
For successfully completing all the missions a picture is unlocked.
After completing all the missions the player is offered the chance to do it all again
The player can display any of the Rescue Heroes vehicles via a button on the bottom of the command centre screen
The player can display any of the Rescue Heroes via a button on the bottom of the command centre screen