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Rescue on Fractalus!

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Atari 8-bit
ZX Spectrum
TRS-80 CoCo

User Reviews

Definitely ahead of its time. Atari 8-bit Jeremy Johnson (639)

Our Users Say

Platform Votes Score
Amstrad CPC 1 2.0
Apple II Awaiting 1 votes...
Atari 5200 3 2.7
Atari 8-bit 5 4.1
Commodore 64 5 2.8
TRS-80 CoCo Awaiting 1 votes...
ZX Spectrum 1 2.0
Combined MobyScore 15 3.1

The Press Says

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Atari 5200The Video Game Critic
The illusion isn't as convincing by today's standards (there's plenty of pop-up), but it doesn't look too bad. This immersive, first-person game begins at your mother ship. You fly through a long tunnel before entering space and proceeding towards the planet Fractalus. The graphics depict your descent onto the planet's surface, and they look impressive, especially considering the now dated technology. Your control panel displays 19 different instruments, but you'll only need a few. The excellent control scheme makes heavy use of the keypad. Your mission is to rescue a number of pilots and shoot enemies. When you locate a pilot, you land your ship near him and open your airlock to let him in. Hearing the pilot knock on the door and step into the airlock is indicative of the game's outstanding sound effects. Fractalus plays like a simulation, but there's plenty of action too. Once you get a feel for the controls, Rescue on Fractalus becomes an engrossing adventure.
Atari 8-bitAtari Gamer - XL-XE Game Review Edition
Rescue On Fractalus is not just a technically impressive game, with its incredible fractal landscape, but also a wonderfully playable game too. Without doubt an essential title for the Atari 8-bit.
Atari 8-bitTilt
Si l'histoire de Rescue On Fractalus ne brille pas par son originalité, sa conception par géométrie fractale est totalement innovante. Les effets de relief en trois dimensions sont à couper le souffle de réalisme. Pas de mystère, ils ont été conçus aux studios Lucas.
Commodore 64Computer and Video Games (CVG)
Gameplay is almost exactly the same as the Amstrad version - maybe a tad faster. Improved sound really makes the difference.
Amstrad CPCComputer Gamer
Apart from that, that's the game. Nice graphics, and playable too - there's just not a great deal to describe once you marvelled at the high speed mathematics (where there aren't any) and been amazed at the good graphics (plenty of that).
ZX SpectrumComputer and Video Games (CVG)
A successful conversion, very similar to the Amstrad one, with the same things going for it.
Amstrad CPCComputer and Video Games (CVG)
Atmospheric search and rescue game which suffers a bit from awful sound and samey gameplay.
Atari 8-bitATARImagazin
Insgesamt betrachtet kann dieses Programm empfohlen werden. Wünschenswert wäre allerdings eine bessere bzw. detailreichere Grafik. Freunde von Flugsimulatoren, die auch ein bißchen Action mögen, sollten sich dieses Spiel ansehen.