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GameCube version

Main menu
Character selection lets you play as Jill Valentine of Chris Redfield
Intro cinematic showing one of the S.T.A.R.S. members not being quick enough for these dogs
Wesker saving Jill from a zombie dog
Jill and Chris running away from some very hungry dogs
Chris Scenario - Exploring the mansion may be longer than it may seem at first
Chris Scenario - Found a shotgun, that will help against tougher enemies
Chris Scenario - Once you get a close-up on you character, you start to details
Chris Scenario - Exploring the area around the mansion
Chris Scenario - Area map
Chris Scenario - Inventory
Chris Scenario - Use the typewriter to save the game progress
Chris Scenario - Size doesn't equal menace, but standing still won't help in this case however
Chris Scenario - No, I'm not looking at the poster, I'm concentrating on the game, honest
Chris Scenario - Check various articles and newspaper clips to learn about the events that have transpired prior to your arrival
Chris Scenario - A pool filled with sharks is one thing, an oversized underfed shark that comes in extra is quite another
Chris Scenario - Seems like sharks protest up on the idea of draining the pool
Chris Scenario - Water motion and mirroring effects are amazing whenever encountered
Chris Scenario - When you hear a slow piano theme and see a typewriter, then you can be certain of two things - you're in a very small room, and none of the monsters will bother you here
Chris Scenario - Camera will often play to your disadvantage during combat in close quarters
Chris Scenario - Riding an elevator with Rebecca
Chris Scenario - You even get to control Rebecca for a short period of time, the female protagonist of Resident Evil Zero
Chris Scenario - Wesker has plans of his own on this mission
Chris Scenario - And what would a RE game be without Wesker, who will this time be a bit more open
Chris Scenario - Hard to believe, but extremely detailed and dynamic in-game situation such as this is a regular phenomenon
Chris Scenario - When you want something done properly, let women handle it
Jill Scenario - As camera sets static, the view casted upon your character will vary, and let you experience something a little farther away as well.
Jill Scenario - Looks like Jill wasn't aware someone was taking a bath in a bathtub filled with dirty water
Chris Scenario - Good thing about this zombie is that it's down, bad point is that you never know when he'll decide to get up
Chris Scenario - What a single magnum bullet makes out of adaptive attackers is truly frightful
Chris Scenario - Water effects are great, lighting effects are great, but once you combine them, it casts you to the outer limits of in-game graphic
Jill Scenario - My, that is one big snake
Jill Scenario - Ingame graphic is most what you will see character models in, and it equals the amazement of their surroundings.
Jill Scenario - Jill struggling with one of the zombies
Jill Scenario - Due to course of plot, you can decide how many and who all will be saved and who will be left out

PlayStation 4 version

Main menu
Controller setup
Difficulty selection
Character select screen, Chris Redfield from the original GameCube release
Character select screen, Chris Redfield from Resident Evil 5
Character select screen, Jill Valentine from the original GameCube release
Character select screen, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 5
Searching for Alpha Team survivors
Finding a shelter in a mansion... not a good way to start the mission
Jill and Barry following the blood trail
Exploring the mansion's upper floor
Fixed camera adds to suspense and captures the character, but hampers the gameplay during combat
Found a map of the mansion... lots of rooms to explore
Close encounter with a zombie
Zombies are slow, but may still cost you bullets if you don't dispose of them permanently
Explore rooms to find useful items and clues on what is happening in this place
Taking care of a straggler
Hey, you there, don't ignore me when I point a gun at you
You cannot drop items so any surplus you don't want to carry can be placed in safe boxes
These small knives can be used to shake off monsters when they grab you
Of course, Jill just had to check what's inside the bathtub
A knife to the head will buy you a few seconds to come to your senses
I've come to fix the plumbing
Zombies are breaking the windows and entering the mansion from the outside
You can check various objects around, most will just give you a brief description of what it is that you're looking at
Various memos and diaries will give you an inside on things that have transpired in this place
Burning zombies is one way of making sure they don't get up again
Knight room puzzle
Certain zombies are faster and much more aggressive
Giant snake boss fight, first encounter
Grenade launcher is a good weapon of choice during boss battles
Passing through a small graveyard
I feel the danger creeping up behind me
Shark pool
A great number of pre-rendered objects and backgrounds add to authenticity if nothing more
A clue for mixing potions
Dobermans are making sure we can't go back the way we came
Fight with a giant plant
Wesker is playing his role as a villain and madman, though still human at this point, quite well
Grabbed by one of the zombie dogs
Hunters are about to learn what it means to be the prey
Using a taser to escape the hunter's grasp
Trying to outrun the boulder
Spider boss battle
Some enemies can't be killed... not with weapons you got, at least
Jill doesn't like being aimed at
Pest control
End game stats
Unlocked new costume for Jill