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Resident Evil 5

Resident Evil 5 Screenshots

PlayStation 3 version

Title screen
Main menu
Opening cinematic... this time, the place of events is Africa.
Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.
Select your character.
Organize your inventory prior to every chapter.
Hey, those locals don't seem friendly.
A handgun ammo will come in handy.
Some actions will require teamplay.
Nothing beats a dead aim shot in the head.
Let's check what's in building number 153.
When being pursuited you cannot heal yourself so aim well.
Quick-time events will prevent you from relaxing during the cutscenes.
There's a truck full of unfriendlies on your right.
Sorry, were you saying that to me or to the guy on the bike?
This giant seems to be upgraded version of one introduced in RE4.
Sheeva, in her new outfit after finishing the game once.
Chris Redfield is back from the original Resident Evil.
There's an unfinished business between Chris and Wesker.
In-between a lot of shooting you'll be able to read reports, as usual.
You can either navigate the hovercraft or stand in front and shoot.
Crocodile, alligator, let's not stop to inquire.
In this game every tribe is an unfriendly tribe.
You can switch items and weapons with your companion.
Time to get rid of the pesky archers on our back.
A bad time to reload.
Shoot the oil canisters for greater impact.
They may have blunt weapons, but there's multitude of them.
Sniper rifle is as useful as ever.
Break all the boxes, vases and barrels to find gold and ammo.
Watch out for the laser turret.
This one even got up after the first shot in the head.
Bosses can be tough but even they can bow down for a twist kick.
Some enemies won't die, but morph into a flying creature.

Resident Evil 5 Screenshots

Windows version

Main Menu
Loading Screen
Results of the integrated Benchmark.
Mananing the inventory.
Exploding barrels - they aren't even worth a joke anymore.
Chris is dead and being hacked to pieces by zombies.
End of Chapter results - died too many times and took too long to get an S.
That's one ugly face you have there woman.
The ingame inventory doesn't pause the game.
Lookin' good there girl.
No Resident Evil would be complete without them.
The executioner has Chris in his grip. Sheva needs to free him.
Furious infected man
Classical headshot
Open door.
Wild village
Look back!
Find gold