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Back Of Box (U.S./Canada, PSX version):

    In the ultimate experience of suspense and terror, Blood-thirsty zombies. Mutant beasts. Monstrous serpents. Untold mysteries lurk around every corner. The nightmare lives on in the award-winning game of survival horror. Now the terror comes alive with the Dual Shock Analog Controller to send shivers up and down your spine.

    • An enhanced release of the #1. terrifying classic!
    • New camera angles and character graphics.
    • 3 action-packed difficulty levels: Standard, Training and Advanced Modes of play.
    • Supports the Dual Shock Analog Controller.

    Contributed by JPaterson (9551) on Mar 15, 2002.

    Resident Evil: Directors Cut, strikes terror into even the most seasoned players with new levels of difficulty, alternate camera angles, and rearranged puzzle items. But the horror goes deeper still.

    The Directors Cut contains not only the original Resident Evil but the original Japanese release and an all new Enhanced Version with rearranged items, different character graphics and more.

    The package also contains the complete, uncut and uncensored Resident Evil intro sequence and cut scenes along with a playable demo of Resident Evil II, available for the first time.

    Contributed by Grant McLellan (623) on Sep 11, 2001.