Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City Screenshots

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PlayStation 3 version

Start screen
Main menu
Character selection is done at the beginning of every mission.
Disposing of Umbrella guards... it may take a while to see who's working for whom.
Meeting the team.
Discussing the plan of action.
Welcome to Umbrella.
Use cover when in gunfights.
Shooting at the mercenaries on the metal scaffold.
Collect data to unlock bonus artwork.
Ammo crates will refill all your weapons.
He should have stayed hidden.
The pistol is the only weapon you can wield in full 3rd-person perspective, but it's not a very precise method.
All the completed missions can be replayed.
When selecting your character, you can also select special abilities and default weapons.
Shooting at the explosive barrel to take out multiple zombies.
Ambushed by the Spec Ops.
At the Raccoon hospital where patients are very lively, especially in the morgue.
It was a trap, but there was no way around it.
I shot the sheriff, and then I will shoot the deputy ;)
Some zombies have a live grenade stuck in their neck, but blowing it up will attract even more zombies.
Welcome to Raccoon City.
Some crates will require you to shoot the locks before you can get their contents.
Sniper versus sniper
This looks strangely familiar to the Resident Evil 2 intro.
Soldiers are blocking your advancement... as if it wasn't enough to fight just the infected.
Use first aid spray to fully restore your health.
Throwing a grenade at the unfriendly zombie officers.
Sorry officer, but I forgot my permit to carry all these weapons.
Zombie dobermans are easy to kill, but hard to aim at.
Now there's a familiar office.
Lickers can be very dangerous, especially in large packs.
No officer, I haven't been drinking, seriously.
The knife is a very effective weapon when surrounded, and it conserves ammo.
Shootout at the train yard.
If their head is still on, they're not dead-dead, so shoot first, check the pulse later.
Finding and destroying security cameras is a bonus side-quest if you really care about being seen.
Crazed zombie chicks may be fast, but buckshot will stop them blind.
Into the fray
One of over 100 unlockable artworks

Windows version

Start screen.
Main menu.