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AMAZINGLY SUPER-BRILLIANT is not eloquent enough for this game. GameCube MAT (98107)
The Resident Evil range has always set a precedent for survival horror, though of late it seemed that Silent Hill might take the limelight. Capcom rose to the challenge and released this stunning title. GameCube Miktar Dracon (1)
Better late than never. GameCube Melvin Raeynes (26)
Buy it if your not scared of zombies! Boo!! GameCube Richard Umali (17)
The horror has spread to the GameCube! GameCube Reborn_Demon (124)

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GameCube 48 3.9
Wii 8 4.4
Combined User Score 56 4.0

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GameCubeUOL Jogos
Para o primeiro título realmente exclusivo do GameCube, "Resident Evil 0" não revoluciona o gênero. Mas adiciona novos fatores suficientes para prender os fãs por mais um episódio.
GameCubegames xtreme
All of the improvements to the aesthetics plus the new interactive gameplay make Resident Evil Zero one of the best games out on the market at the moment of this genre. There is even a sub game that is unlocked after the game is completed. What more do you want? If you are a survival horror fan and don’t yet own a GameCube it’s worth buying one just to experience this innovative gameplay. What’s more we can expect even greater things to come, as not only are Capcom revamping the other previous Resident Evil titles in the series for the GameCube as well as releasing another brand new addition, but we also have Resident Evil on-line to look forward to. Life doesn’t get much better!
Per i veri aficiònados del Survival Horror. Un titolo così bello e con una curva di difficoltà così elevata (in parte coadiuvata dall'insulsa CPU del compagno) che dovrebbe perlomeno essere provato.
GameCubeGame Over Online
This game is a difficult one. Using most of your resources, even for a seasoned vet, is almost imperative. Since some of the situations you’re put in are team sensitive, you will find yourself restarting the game numerous times to find the best possible way to use or not use your partner. This can be an herb and ammo sucking process so make sure you use your reserves wisely. Luckily I had a sweet strategy guide by my side to give me the skinny on rooms, item locations, and slick tips on how to bypass tough episodes: BradyGames' official strategy guide, I couldn’t recommend it more.
Resident Evil Zero's easy mode makes it easier than the other games in the series, since it greatly decreases the amount of shots it takes to kill each zombie, but the puzzles stay the same. The new map style is a little harder to read, and there are fewer hints than in the previous games, making it that much harder to figure out what needs to be done next. In that respect, REZ is exactly what I wanted. I made the foolish mistake of beating the first two games with a strategy guide at my side, and when the remake came around, the mansion's layout was so familiar that I didn't really need any help. RE3 and CODE: Veronica both had simpler level designs and key items that were easier to find, making them less difficult than the first two games.
GameCubeGame Informer Magazine
Much like a David Lynch film, the storytelling in the Resident Evil series tiptoes around the truth, interjects false leads, and constantly references a past that you know nothing about. While the idea of creating a prequel seems rather absurd, or just another way for Capcom to milk this license for all of its worth, this flashback episode had to happen. Leaving players in wonderment is part of Resident Evil’s mystique, there’s no arguing that, but leaving players hanging with countless questions in their heads for seven years is a tad cruel. At long last Capcom is delivering the answers we’ve anxiously awaited.
Resident Evil Ø does right in many areas, and it was definitely a smart move for Capcom to create the game, as there are lots of questions RE fans would like answered. The Gamecube has had a shortage of AAA games lately, however with the release of REØ, Nintendo's starting to pull out. REØ is truly a great game, however much of its success will surely be out shown by Metroid Prime and Splinter Cell, both of which just released on November 19th. Nintendo's kiddy image is just starting to get shaken off, and hopefully with more third party support "Nintendo", can once again be a household name like it used to be back when the NES was the only console worth owning.
GameCubeOfficiel Nintendo Magazine
Une aventure à part dans la série, dont les fans se délecteront et que les novices apprécieront à sa juste valeur.
Nachdem wir die US-Version im Test behandelt hatten, brach in diversen Foren eine hitzige und spekulative Diskussion aus, ob die PAL-Fassung nun geschnitten sein wird oder nicht. Alle, die eine ähnliche Verstümmelung wie bei Resident Evil 3: Nemesis befürchteten, kann ich beruhigen: Die deutsche Version ist absolut ungekürzt. Allerdings ist der Gore-Faktor bei weitem nicht so extrem wie zum Beispiel beim zweiten Teil. Alles in allem steht uns ein weiterer Gänsehautgarant ins Haus, der an kleinen Mankos krankt.
So sehr ich die Resident-Evil-Reihe auch liebe: Mit Zero hat sich Capcom nicht unbedingt mit Ruhm bekleckert. Sowohl grafisch als auch spielerisch ist der neueste Teil im Vergleich zum Remake ein kleiner Rückschritt. Zwar erscheint das Partner-Feature, genau wie die Möglichkeit die Gegenstände in beliebigen Räumen ablegen zu können, auf den ersten Blick eine innovative Funktion zu sein, doch erweist sich diese beim Spielen oft ziemlich nervig. Dennoch bleibt unterm Strich ein weiteres, atmosphärisch beklemmendes Survival-Horror-Erlebnis, das einige, noch offene Fragen rund um Resident Evil zu klären vermag, aber nicht nur Fans in seinen Bann zieht.
Bestechende Grafik, klasse Soundkulisse, neues Teamplay - was will man mehr? Mehr erzählerische Finesse! Logisch eingebundene Rätsel! Innovative Schockeffekte! Von einem Prequel zur altehrwürdigen Reihe hätte ich in Sachen Story und Gameplay einfach mehr erwartet. Klar sorgt das Erkunden im Team für ein neues Spielgefühl, und die KI begeistert mit selbstständigen Schusseinlagen. Aber auch im Duett ist man schnell im altbekannten Resi-Trott: Monster plätten, Items sammeln, neuer Abschnitt. Das macht Spaß, aber etwas mehr Kreativität im Rätseldesign hätte auch nicht geschadet. Und trotz netter Schockeffekte und böser Überraschungen bleibt die Spannungskurve zunächst seltsam flach.
GameCubeThe Video Game Critic
Control is a bit clumsy, and this time there's no auto-aim - you'll need to turn slowly towards your target. But these are minor issues. Resident Evil Zero is like a good book - it's absorbing and hard to put down. I have to confess I didn't feel the same degree of fear as I've felt in past games, perhaps because I've become too familiar with the series. I've seen dogs jump through windows and zombies burst out of closets before - you almost come to expect that kind of thing. Newcomers are in for some surprises however, and long time fans will feel right at home with this well-designed game.
GameCubeDefunct Games
Fans of the series will appreciate the way the game warps and questions the story of Resident Evil, but you can't help but feel as if it's just going through the steps. The game may look unbelievable, but without a serious makeover, Resident Evil will run the risk of being just another cookie cutter adventure game with a good story. If you're a fan of the series, there's no reason not to pick this up, but be warned, it doesn't address any of the problems you may have had with the other games.
The same can be said about Resident Evil 0 for GameCube. It's a title that's as pretty and atmospheric as ever. It's a game filled with scares. And it's also one sorely in need of an evolution in gameplay mechanics. We could forgive some of these issues in the RE remake because it was essentially an update to the classic game. On the other hand, RE0 is an all-new outing. So why does it have all of the old problems? Keep reading, if you dare.
WiiVandal Online
En cierto que hay algunos aspectos que a día de hoy chirrían un poco, como el control o ciertas escenas estáticas que se ven muy borrosas, pero no deja de ser un título que gustará a los amantes de los juegos de miedo, especialmente a los seguidores de la saga Resident Evil. El único pero es que sólo recomendamos el juego a aquellos que nos disfrutaron del original, pues se trata de un port directo sin novedades más allá de la compatibilidad con el mando de control de Wii (aunque también puede jugarse con el clásico o con el de Gamecube), por lo que si ya jugaste la generación pasada, no encontrarás nada nuevo que te haga volver a jugar. Para el resto, aquellos que no pudieron disfrutarlo, no deberían perdérselo si les llama la atención, pues es un juego que ha envejecido estupendamente y al que vale la pena echarle el guante (más teniendo en cuenta su atractivo precio), aunque es una lástima que Capcom no haya aprovechado para incluir alguna mejora o novedad.
GameCubeGames TM
Resident Evil Zero is, in effect, a greatest hit package. Featuring all the best bits of the series and several new 'tracks' to keep hard-core fans happy, this really is everything that's good about the survival horror genre in one concise collection. Despite a few weaknesses we can't see this being exorcised until Capcom raise the dead again some time next year.
80 (UK)
Somehow the Resident Evil experience is much more than the sum of its parts, and the deeper you get into each episode of the game, the more its sucks you into its macabre offering. For the unbelievers, it's doubtful RE0 will offer anything that could persuade you to join the series at this late stage. For the rest of you, Zero is one of the most evil games we've ever come across. Take that as a compliment.
Given that caveat, you can't really fault the game for foisting a world of trouble on anyone who takes up the controller against the forces of darkness ... that's exactly what most confirmed Resident Evil junkies expect. Furthermore, as a bridge between the first title's remake and the impending Resident Evil 4, it's no wonder the title is attuned to such a specific subgroup. But that does limit its appeal. While true believers shouldn't miss out on the first truly new nightmare for next-generation consoles from Capcom's internal studios, the rest of the gaming universe can likely postpone an impending return to Raccoon City until the titular sequel to Resident Evil 3: Nemesis ships.
Those who have stuck with the Resident Evil series despite its dogged insistence on not changing its ways will find that Resident Evil 0 still has a lot to offer.
WiiOfficial Nintendo Magazine
It's Zero's mastery of turning you into an emotional wreck that wins out over its technical faults. Capcom did such a good job of bringing Resident Evil 4 to the Wii that you have to wonder why more hasn't been made of this. It deserves a shoeing for its reliance on cheap to-ing and fro-ing, for its stubborn camera and clunky controls. But on the other hand all of these things help make it what it is, and that is a game that can still teach some of the Wii's more modern chillers how to lay on the cold sweat.
Sebbene questo, come gli altri della serie “Archives” d’altronde, sia un semplice porting, il prezzo budget, le meccaniche meno votate all’azione e più all’esplorazione (con tanto di indovinelli cervellotici) ed un comparto narrativo di alto livello, rendono il titolo assolutamente consigliato per chi non avesse mai avuto occasione di provarlo. Anche alla luce di un comparto tecnico sottotono rispetto ai canoni Wii il fascino delle vicende legate a Racoon City non muore mai.
GameCubeGame Freaks 365
Yes, it might not sound corny right now, but trust me once you get more deeply involved into the game, it gets very stupid. Regrettably, Resident Evil 0 isn't what we have been hoping for from Capcom. What we wanted was answers to what happened before the mansion incident and we really didn't get any.
Resident Evil 0 n'est qu'une étape de la série. Le jeu distille toujours autant cette atmosphère angoissante et prenante, les graphismes sont magnifiques, le gameplay s'enrichit de nouvelles options, mais on a la désagréable impression que le titre aurait, malgré tout, pu bénéficier de plus de soins, surtout au niveau du scénario ou des énigmes ou ennemis rencontrés. De ce fait, on espère vraiment que Resident Evil 4 se positionnera comme une étape charnière de la série et nous étonnera tout autant que le premier Resident Evil en son temps. Au vu de la première vidéo disponible sur le net, ceci semble très bien parti. Vous avez tous les atouts en mains messieurs de chez Capcom, faites nous frémir une fois encore.
GameCubeGame Revolution
The Resident Evil anti-living propaganda campaign loses just a little steam with Resident Evil: Zero. It's not quite as pretty as GameCube's RE, is flawed by the two-character gimmick and still features a screwy inventory system. Nonetheless, it's successful as both an entertaining, involving Survival Horror game and a formidable tool of conscription for any dead person with a chip on their shoulder.
On siis aika turvallista sanoa, että olen saanut tarpeekseni Resident Evilistä tällaisenaan. Pystyn venymään antamaani pistemäärään kun otan huomioon, että peli on sinällään asiantuntevasti tehty, kaunis katsella ja kuunnella - ja ehkä maailmassa vielä on jokunen ihminen joka ei ole tätä nähnyt. Mutta jos olet jo sattunut pelaamaan jotain RE:tä Saturnilla, PlayStationilla, Nintendo 64:llä, Dreamcastilla, PS2:lla tai GameCubella, voit huoletta käyttää rahasi johonkin järkevämpään, tällä alustalla ehdottomasti Eternal Darknessiin. RE0:n seikkailun ensimmäinen osa sopiikin mainioksi vertaukseksi: tämä juna ei näytä enää liikkuvan mihinkään.
GameCubeGamereactor (Sweden)
Pusslen är förstås ologiska som vanligt men fortfarande charmiga och bitvis kluriga. I sig självt är det ett på många sätt väl genomfört skräckspel som på många ställen verkligen lyckas skrämma slag på spelaren. Men det är bara att inse att en av spelhistoriens verkligt banbrytande och stilbildande serier faktiskt inte är det längre.
70 (UK)
In many ways, Resident Evil Zero provides a timely reminder of the things we miss about old style survival-horror. The heavy emphasis on puzzles, slower pace and the harrowing boss encounters make it feel more like a true horror adventure, and once you get to grips with its foibles it becomes strangely satisfying and rewarding. For those who still hanker after that style, and maybe missed out on Zero the first time around, this mid-priced release is a high-class offering that's well worth investigating.
Resident Evil Zero a tout de la soupe de cantine, ce plat tellement servi et resservi qu'on en a oublié la saveur. Maintenant que les effets de surprise archi-éculés ne fonctionnent plus, on constate combien le gameplay de la série a vieilli, et ce ne sont pas les quelques trouvailles comme le Partner Zapping - sous-exploité - ou la disparition des coffres magiques - un petit calvaire - qui lui redonneront un coup de jeune. Il est même incompréhensible que cet épisode n'ait conservé quasiment aucune des bonnes idées du passé, comme la souplesse de mouvement et le Live Selection de Resident Evil 3 : Nemesis ou bien les armes défensives et le contrôle Type C du Remake. Heureusement pour lui, Resident Evil Zero dispose toujours de ce brin de magie et de cette ambiance si particulière qui pousse à en voir plus, ne serait-ce que pour lever l'identité du personnage christique au centre de cet épisode.
Wii3D Juegos
Capcom invita a los amantes del "survival horror" a que redescubran uno de los exponentes más destacados del género a través de la reedición de un clásico, Resident Evil Zero, que llega desde Gamecube hasta Wii con el único añadido de nuevos métodos de control. Aunque no utilice la tecnología giroscópica del wiimote, no mejore visualmente y no aporte nada nuevo a la franquicia, esta reedición es una buena ocasión para que coleccionistas, incondicionales y jóvenes jugadores visiten uno de los episodios más brillantes de la serie a cambio de 30 euros.
Resident Evil Archives: Resident Evil Zero è un prodotto che avrebbe necessitato decisamente di qualche ritocco per poter essere apprezzato oggi, a distanza di ben otto anni dalla sua uscita. Così com'è, il prodotto Capcom risulta inevitabilmente macchinoso, datato e per molti versi frustrante, fornendo ben pochi stimoli ai nuovi utenti che si erano persi l'originale su Gamecube. Un titolo dedicato dunque prevalentemente ai seguaci più intransigenti della serie, anche se la totale assenza di un qualsivoglia extra non può che far storcere il naso, nonostante il prezzo ridotto a cui viene venduto.
Dur dur de se prononcer aujourd'hui sur un jeu sorti il y a de cela plusieurs années déjà. Oui la série des Resident Evil vaut vraiment le coup, surtout quand on est un jeune joueur et qu'on la découvre aujourd'hui. Mais pourquoi ne pas proposer un peu plus qu'un simple portage. Sentiment mitigé pour ce jeu qui n'apporte finalement rien aux possesseurs de Wii en comparaison des jeux de la série des Resident Evil Chronicles.
Sans grande surprise, Capcom recycle et fait du neuf avec du vieux. N'ayant rien amélioré, on se retrouve donc devant un Resident Evil réussi graphiquement mais proposant des idées saugrenues afin d'alourdir un gameplay qui n'en avait pas franchement besoin. Quoiqu'il en soit, à un prix de 30 euros, vous pouvez vous laisser tenter ne serait-ce que pour bénéficier du "brouillon" ayant servi au système de partenariat de Resident Evil 5.
We duiken opnieuw in de archieven van Resident Evil en komen zo terecht bij deeltje Zero. Capcom maakt van de GameCube versie een regelrechte port naar de Nintendo Wii en biedt zo de kans aan degene die hem gemist hebben om hem toch eens te spelen. Weet wel dat het een zeer uitdagende survival horror game is, die je zelfs op het makkelijkste niveau bloed, zweet en tranen zal kosten. Daarbuiten is de gameplay ondertussen wel wat achterhaald en is het in het begin een beetje zoeken en vloeken.
El sistema de control de los personajes peca de ser excesivamente rígido y arcaico, y las cámaras fijas nos dejarán vendidos ante los enemigos de vez en cuando, pero insistimos en que aquí encontraremos toda la tensión, sustos ocasionales y dificultad que hace mucho abandonaron a la franquicia de zombis por antonomasia. Si jugaste a la versión original o aún la conservas (Wii es la única plataforma de la actualidad completamente retrocompatible con su antecesora), obviamente no te merecerá la pena adquirir el juego que nos ocupa. Si no es así, quizá quieras darle una oportunidad. Los Resident Evil de la vieja escuela tendrán sus defectos, pero desde luego se hacían (y siguen haciendo) merecedores de toda la fama y éxito que alcanzaron.
Resident Evil Zero is a well designed survival horror game that offers more scares than Resident Evil 4 and 5 combined, but its dated gameplay will turn away many. Unless you can remember a time when tank controls and strict save points were the norm, Zero will be a harsh lesson in old-school gaming. With more forgiving, modern releases on the shelves, that's a lesson few newcomers will want to take.
WiiSpazio Games
Resident Evil 0 risente il peso enorme degli anni trascorsi, non solo per le sue meccaniche ormai arcaiche, ma anche a causa di una qualità generale mai sopra la media. Il porting potrebbe far felice qualche fan che non ha potuto avere il GameCube nel 2002 e, giustamente, trova dispendioso comprarsi il titolo originale nonostante il Wii sia retrocompatibile. Un sistema cooperativo frustrante utile solo ad aumentare il backtracking, una gestione degli oggetti e degli inventari pessima, una storia utile solo per tappare qualche buco e dare una motivazione plausibile ad alcuni eventi del primo Resident Evil, sono i difetti maggiori dell'intera produzione. Il nostro consiglio è quello di valutare l'acquisto del gioco solo se appassionati folli della saga o, come dicevamo in precedenza, se troverete questa soluzione la più economica nel caso in cui vogliate recuperarlo.
GameCubeDeaf Gamers
Brilliant game but crippled for deaf gamers by leaving out the subtitles. Let's hope we're not saying the same thing for Resident Evil 2.
Toujours les mêmes défauts ! Resident Evil 0 ne doit son intérêt qu’à son nouveau système de coopération entre les personnages. Attention le jeu reste cependant uniquement solo, pas de mode coopératif possible pour autant. Les fans seront aux anges, les autres doivent quand même se poser des questions avant l’achat ou non de ce nouvel opus.
Contrairement à l’épisode 4, Resident Evil Zero sur Wii n’est qu’un simple portage bête et méchant dont le but lucratif est clairement affiché. Déjà sujet à polémique lors de sa sortie en 2003, le titre de Capcom ne peut aujourd’hui masquer ses carences en termes de gameplay et son manque de sensations côté frayeur. Toutefois, les novices en la matière pourront découvrir une ambiance intéressante, d’autant que la réalisation reste aujourd’hui encore assez correcte. Sachez néanmoins que pour consulter cette archive, il vous faudra débourser plus d’argent que la version d’origine sur GameCube. Vous voilà prévenus !
WiiIGN Australia
This time last year, Capcom was reacquainting us with the brilliant Resident Evil 4 via a Wii Edition release that refreshed and, overall, improved on the original game. This year's sort-of repeat performance, with Resident Evil Zero as Capcom's subject, isn't worse than RE4: Wii Edition just because of the difference in quality of source material-- it also suffers because Capcom has seemingly forgotten to remake the game to take advantage of the Wii and/or its control options.
The least scary, least imaginative Resident Evil returns in a very slightly inferior Wii edition.
With that said, there are recent survival horror games built on much more elegant gameplay mechanics, so it's difficult for me to recommend Resident Evil Zero. When you couple the awkward tank controls with horrible item management, poor pacing and a lack of scares, you'll come to see that Resident Evil Zero is better left on store shelves.
Le travail d'adaptation se limite quant à lui à rendre le jeu compatible avec tous les différents types de manette reconnues par la Wii ; pour le reste, copié/collé, nouvelle jaquette, et le tour est joué. Seul vrai point positif, le jeu reste techniquement plutôt beau. Mais quitte à se faire un petit trip retro, autant se mettre en quête de la version GameCube moins chère et qui plus est 100% compatible.