Return of The Ninja Screenshots (Game Boy Color)

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Game Boy Color version

Loading screen
Main menu
Game menu
Stage select
Choose your character
Opening story
Starting the game as Tsukikage.
Meeting an enemy.
Meeting an enemy in area 2 of level 1
I lost my life.
This guy throws shuriken.
In area 3, the waterfall. Watch for enemies that jump out of the water.
Be careful of these. They hurt.
Facing the boss.
Starting the game as Saiyuri.
I lost my life as Saiyuri.
Password screen
Stage 2: fighting the undead guardians
The guy still doesn't see me
Weird lanterns
Stage boss
Stage 3: The claw tool is invaluable for digging in the dirt
Stealth approach baby!
Stage boss
New card get!
Stage 4 is a ship
New tools get
Batman ninja
We defy the gravity in every possible way
Stage 5: stronger enemies
One magic point dropped by a dead foe
This ninja tool (used for bashing certain ceilings with your head) is guarded
Stage boss. Tough!
Card mode: read all about ninja tricks
Stage 6 starts out peacefully
A fight
I triggered the alarm, and now I'm pretty much toast
The Emperor (huge!)