Cheat codesContributed by Xoleras (66826) on Jun 14, 2007.

To be able to use the following codes, you must start the game with the parameter +set sv_cheats 1 (i.e. by adding the parameter to the destination line at the preferences of the shortcut in the start menu).

/god           -- god mode
/noclip        -- go through walls
/notarget      -- the enemy does not see you
/give all      -- gives you all weapons, full ammo, full health
/give armor    -- gives max armor
/give health   -- gives max health
/give stamina  -- gives max stamina
/give ammo     -- gives max ammo
/give x        -- gives the following things (mostly weapons), whereby x is replaced by:
      colt 45
      fg42 paratroop rifle
      large health
      mauser rifle
      medium health

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