Advertising Blurbs – Game Boy Color:
    Taking place on the fifth planet of a distant solar system, Revelations: The Demon Slayer is a unique RPG that challenges players to convince more than 100 monsters to join a fantastic quest against evil.

    Human-like inhabitants of the remote planet use a mystical power called Gaia to support a magical orb that maintains peace throughout the land. Unfortunately, a few troublemakers who use the strength of Gaia for evil rather than good. It is up to the player to eliminate this growing threat and ensure that the planet's tranquility is not ruptured forever.

    To reach your goal, you'll have to gather an army of allies by convincing monsters to join you along the way. There are over 100 different beasts waiting to be discovered, and the only way to get them to join your party is to talk to them.

    Depending on how you answer a monster's questions, it will either attack or opt to join your party. Debating with a wild monster is no easy task, so you'll have to carefully determine the creature's disposition during your conversation.

    Once you've convinced a monster to accompany you in your quest, it can be assigned to help during battles with less friendly monsters. Through a euphemistically titled process that Atlus calls "fusion," two monsters can be combined to form a more powerful creature. This process requires a great deal of experimentation, but is necessary for players who want to complete their roster of monsters.

    Players use their new friends to fight heated battles against computer opponents, and by using the Game Link Cable they can challenge other humans to see whose monsters are the most powerful. Monsters can be equipped with more than 100 types of weapons, armor and magic.

    Revelations: The Demon Slayer is backwards compatible with all pre-existing Game Boy systems.

    Contributed by Evil Ryu (65883) on Jun 17, 2005.