Revelations: The Demon Slayer Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Boy version

Opening animation
Main menu
Opening story
Starting location
A man about town

Game Gear version

Title screen
Some story...
Battle options. Note the "talk" option - hey, this is Megaten!
Second, text-only introduction
Naming your characters
Introducing the characters
Starting the game
Talking to the wizard guy
Main menu
Talking to your master
I'm tired of this RPG, I wanna sleep...
In an inn
World map
Having an intellectual conversation with a monkey. He says: "Kiki! Kikii!"
Random battle
Jewish game?
Conversation witn a random lizard. You cna answer "yes" or "no"
Snowy area
Castle entrance
A crystal?
In the corner of an item shop

Game Boy Color version

US title screen
Starting location
I'm glad you came, JRK :)
In the town
In the shop
On the world map
Another battle
This time I will try negotations
Gaining level
Japanese title screen