Revenge of Defender Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Title screen (European release)
Credits screen
The beginning
Come out blasting.
An early demise.

Atari ST version

Title screen
Defending from invaders!
Under attack on the forest world
Shooting those things will make your radar inoperative!
Shooting at enemies

Commodore 64 version

Title screen (U.S. version)
Title screen
Watch out for the attacking aliens
Gameplay on the forest level
You can fly to either the left or right
You will face a variety of different enemies

DOS version

title screen - MCGA/VGA
glacier zone - MCGA/VGA
enemies attacking - MCGA/VGA
the forest zone - MCGA/VGA
circuit zone - MCGA/VGA
a mechanical level - MCGA/VGA
title screen - EGA
game in progress - EGA
the forest zone - EGA
glacier zone - EGA
circuit zone - EGA
Title screen - CGA
The first level - CGA
The forest level - CGA
A computerized world - CGA
Title screen - Hercules Monochrome
The first level - Hercules Monochrome
An ice world - Hercules Monochrome
Title screen (Tandy/PCjr)
Gameplay on the first level (Tandy/PCjr)
Firing at enemies... (Tandy/PCjr)
Uh oh, under attack!! (Tandy/PCjr)
Running low on energy already... (Tandy/PCjr)
The options screen (Tandy/PCjr)
Title Screen CGA (European Release).
Title Screen EGA (European Release).