Revenge of the Toys Screenshots

User Screenshots

Windows version

Screen that pops up after inserting CD-ROM : choose between install program, browse demos from media and quit (french version)
Splash screen : Cyclops Software's Desktop Toy Logotype
Main menu, just select one of the nine games (french version)
Basketball ! Dribble and aim the hoop ! 0 point for now, and watch out, the hoop slides from left to right and viced-versa
Basketball again. After 4 points, the hoop changes. It seems to me it is smaller ...
Ricochet, a Pong with side paddles, er, spaceships... As you keep the "ball" inside the middle square of the screen, pieces of a puzzle appear
Yet another Ricochet screenshot : this time, the puzzle is almost done and the orbital ball is still in control
This is the Shooting Gallery menu screen. Choose between three levels and ...
... you (and your desktop bazooka) are ready to go, hoping files from my desktop won't be damaged
Nail'em : I did not miss my first nail, so my accuracy rate reaches 100% but ...
... as many nails invade the screen, the rate decreases