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And I thought that games based on movies were bad... SNES Pat Cdr (1222)

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Platform Votes Score
Arcade 3 3.3
DOS 8 2.3
Genesis 11 2.2
PlayStation 4 3.3
SEGA Saturn 5 2.4
SNES 9 2.4
Combined User Score 40 2.5

Critic Reviews

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ArcadeAll Game Guide
Overall, Revolution X can be quite a bit of fun.
GenesisPower Unlimited
Felgekleurd, Doom-achtig 3D-schietspel waarin je de ontvoerde rockgroep Aerosmith moet bevrijden. Met mooie meiden, rock & roll en CD'tjes als power-ups, wat wil je nog meer. De graphics zijn subliem en het bloed spettert ouderwets over het scherm.
PlayStationGameFan Magazine
Revolution X is a perfect translation of the arcade game. All the levels are here, all the music is here and the graphics are virtually the same as the coin-op. Trouble is, the game itself is boring to the max. The levels are long and challenging, but they're repetitive as hell and the shooting patterns are the same throughout the entire game. Shoot Power Rangers, pick up power-ups, shoot some more Power Rangers, kill boss, shoot Level 2 Power goes on and on. Thanks Acclaim, but I think i'll pass.
GenesisVideo Games & Computer Entertainment
There are lots of little problems with this game, from graphics to sound to playability, but the biggest problem I had was the fact that it doesn't support a Game Gun. What kind of SPED develops a shooting game without Game Gun support? It is baffling --- almost as baffling as the idea of putting a game that showcases music on a system like the Genesis.
PlayStationGamePro (US)
Unless your a die-hard Aerosmith rocker, the tunes won't be anything but too loud. This is T2 for glam-rock fans. If you like Aerosmith and you fancy yourself a Terminator, then gun it. If not, rent it.
SNESAll Game Guide
Sure, brain dead, stress-relieving shooters can be a lot of fun, but Revolution X comes up lacking. Not only does the action get old after a short while, it's not overly fun to begin with.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
While the sounds boast some great digitized speech and rocking tunes, the graphics are way below par. This arcade port just didn't translate very well graphically and this hurts the game. Also, the lack of a gun makes the cursor movement awkward and slow for this type of game. It does retain a lot of secrets and playability of the arcade version, but it's sluggishness and grainy looking graphics are just too much for me to get into this game.
Never before have I played such a pitifully poor game. There is almost no skill or brain power required, and it’s the same in two player mode. Fans of Aerosmith and shoot-’em-ups alike, please, do not even think of buying this, if only for the sake of your sanity and wallet. Rev X is nothing more than a straightforward shoot-’em-up with FMV bits, but there are no special effects, little challenge, nil variation, and this equals to zilch gameplay. Steer well clear as this is the dark side of PlayStation software.
SEGA SaturnGamePro (US)
Aerosmith tries to dress up the soundtrack with their greatest hits, but it's a solo gig. Sound effects are either missing or just wretched. Acclaim would have a better chance marketing Revolution X as an expensive coaster.
If you’re really desperate for a Genesis shooter and you’re a big enough fan of Aerosmith that you’d spend hundreds of dollars on Steven Tyler’s chewed gum, I suppose I could recommend purchasing Revolution X. Using a light gun, this game's gameplay could be vastly improved, but sadly, this title doesn’t support that peripheral at all. The game does at least have a two-player mode going for it, which bumps up the replay value inasmuch as you can play through the game with a friend and laugh at the ridiculousness of killing strippers with CDs; but really, that’s all the game’s good for – a few small chuckles and a lunge for the power button.
SNESTotal! (Germany)
Sieben Level, alle vollgestopft mit Gegnern, warten darauf von Euch gesäubert zu werden. Leider macht die technische Seite dem Spielspaß einen Strich durch die Rechnung. Die Gegnersprites sind schlecht digitalisiert, die Levelgestaltung ist karg, und Abwechslung sucht man vergebens. Das monotone Geballer in den sieben unfairen Leveln läßt selbst hartgesottene Shoot-'em-Up-Freaks einnicken.
DOSPC Games (Germany)
"Revolution X" ist ein billiges Machwerk, das kaum Anforderungen an den Spieler stellt. Wo der Arcade-Automat wenigstens noch mit einer Maschinenpistole als Joystick lockte, gerät die PC-Umsetzung vollends zur hirnlosen Farce: Hundertschaften von NON-Kriegern werden im Nahkampf niedergemäht, und der Bodycount steigt ins Unendliche. Bestenfalls für Die Hard-/Aerosmith-Fans zu empfehlen!
All in all, the Genesis can do so much better in terms of light gun shooters (the Lethal Enforcers series and T2:The Arcade Game come to mind) than what you'll get with Revolution X. Also released on the SNES as well as the Playstation and Saturn, you'd be better off checking out either of the 32-bit versions to find a more polished product, but regardless of whichever console version you end up getting your hands on, you won't stick around too long for this revolution to conclude.
SNESGamePro (US)
Revolution X fails to bring the arcade home. What this version does bring home is a very disappointing game.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Genesis games have matured to the point where developers can deliver eye-popping games like Vectorman - which means Acclaim has no excuse for slapping together this miserable arcade conversion.
GenesisGame Players
The motion-captured enemies lack any life and the backgrounds are worse than ugly. And you can't even shoot Aerosmith! If 'Janey's Got A Gun' is your favorite song and you dress like Steve Tyler, then get this game. However, if you like video games that entertain, look elsewhere.
Die Altrocker von Aerosmith haben hier ihren Namen, ihre Musik und ihren guten Ruf an ein Ballerspiel von Acclaim verschwendet, das nur einen Titel verdient hat: Schrott.
PlayStationEntertainment Weekly
Revolution X, a misbegotten shoot-'em-up starring Aerosmith (''America's premier rock band,'' the box proclaims), pulls off the unenviable trick of being both gruesomely violent and numbingly boring.
But soon SEGA released its House of the Dead's, Time Crisis threw the pistols out the window and offered stub-nosed sub-machineguns and Cop 24 outfitted its cabinets with motion detectors so you could literally dodge bullets. The leaps and bounds made by the arcade cabinets asking you to throw lead at people were merciless with their onslaught, each new venture pulling out all the stops to one-up the last contender, and it left the ordinary and the antique laying broken and twitching in their path. It's all too easy to poke fun at Revolution X for the game itself, but it's perhaps more fitting that it would be its inability to keep up with the times that would ultimately doom it. Forever to be remembered as one of the worst games ever made -- and rightly so -- but also the worst possible way to pass the torch on to the future. Flat on its back, reeking, and so ugly that not even desperate necrophilia freaks would go anywhere near it.
PlayStationMega Fun
Das gleiche sinnlose, dumpfe Shoot ‘em Up. wie auch auf dem Saturn. Die Grafik ist ein klein wenig sauberer ausgefallen, kann aber auch in keinster Weise überzeugen. Die Bedienung gibt sich als nicht so schwammig, und somit man schon mal einen Treffen landen. Aber sorry, das Game ist viel zu kurz und langweilig, um daran Gefallen finden zu können.
SNESJust Games Retro
Revolution X could actually be fun on the arcades when you had impressive graphics, a speedy pace, a total lack of dull moments, and completely destructible environments. Take those all away, throw in some bad control, and you’ve got this – a plot does little more than shove Aerosmith’s dick in your face, with no gameplay left to offer in return.
DOSPC Player (Germany)
Heilige Balalaika, was ist denn hier passiert? Kein Wunder, daß Aerosmith so lange für ihr neues Album brauchen. Seit der Revolution-X-Spielautomat herauskam, haben sich die Buben wohl schamhaft in einer dunklen Höhle versteckt.
DOSPower Play
Die übel gezeichnete, grobpixelige Grafik führt Revolution X vollends in den Wertungsabgrund, da können die Aerosmith-Sounds auch nichts mehr rausreißen. Überhaupt hat die Verpflichtung der Mannen um Steven Tyler einen sehr aufgesetzten Charakter. Sie dienen zwar als Aufhänger für einige der Missionen — so gilt es z.B. den Lamborghini Countach der Combo aufzuspüren oder die entführte Band zu befreien — mit dem Spiel an sich haben sie aber sehr wenig zu tun. Die Empfehlung fällt daher eindeutig aus: Laßt das Spiel im Regal liegen und leiht Euch für das gesparte Geld lieber die “Stirb langsam“-Trilogie aus oder kauft eine Aerosmith-CD.
SEGA SaturnMega Fun
Was soll das? Revolution X ist ein lahmes, dumpfes Ballerspiel. das weder grafisch noch spielerisch irgendeinen Gedanken abverlangt. Ohne die Gebrauchsanweisung lesen zu müssen, dürft ihr loslegen. Ein Knöpfchen macht Bum Bum, das andere schießt ein paar unterschiedliche CD-Scheiben auf das penetrant gleich aussehende Kanonenfutter Ab und zu kommt mal ein Endgegner. -Das war‘s. Zeitweise genügt es, den Feuerbutton mit einem Streifen Tesa-Film festzukleben und das Game an ich yorbeiziehen zu lassen. Wäre die Steuerung nicht so undenkbar schwammig, würde man sogar noch von Spielbarkeit sprechen können, aber so nicht.
GenesisDefunct Games
Between the terrible graphics, unintelligible digitized soundtrack, poor gameplay and unnecessary cameos by a band well past their prime, Revolution X is the perfect storm of awful. As far as mindless shooters starring 1970s hair bands goes, this is one of the worst. What I wouldn't give for a first-person shooter starring Enya.
The graphics are bad, even for 16-bit standards. Even when Aerosmith aren't playing the music is awful. I really can't stress enough how bad this game is. Maybe ten or twenty years from now, people will look back on Revolution X and compare it to some of the really bad 2600 games that everybody loves today. You know, nostalgia and cheesiness and all that. Then again, maybe not.
SEGA SaturnThe Video Game Critic
The bosses are ridiculously hard to take out, even if you fire down their throat for five minutes. During all the mayhem, you may notice dancing girls in cages or the band playing in the background (I tried to shoot them). Every now and then, members of the band will offer unneeded support and advice. The only redeeming factor of this game may be the Aerosmith soundtrack. Otherwise, Revolution X is absolutely horrendous.