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Revolution X

Revolution X Screenshots

Arcade version

Game starts
Take CD - CD's are better ammo
Enemy with shield
Entrance to the club
Nice explosion
Blood shoot
In club
Enemies on scene
Vehicle to destroy
FMV sequence
Simple mission
Helicopter fight
Enemies on roof
Super car
Select destination
Welcome to the Jungle! (wrong song :D)
Middle east
Poor arcade machine

Revolution X Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
Main Menu
Helicopter Busting
Not an Average Concert
Aerosmith in Concert
Video Warning

Revolution X Screenshots

Genesis version

Title Screen
Helicopter Busting Action!
Aerosmith in Concert
The "High Resolution" Video Scene

Revolution X Screenshots

SNES version

Title Screen
Average Concert?
Aerosmith in Concert
The Villain: Michael Jackson in Leather
This is what the rest of the game looks like
Helicopter chase level.
Some Power Ranger knockoffs drop by.
Amazon mission.
Don't forget to save the babes from the labour camp.
Shooting up the NON school bus.